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We would prefer that you contact the monastery by email as the telephone may not always be answered. Emails are checked daily. Thank you

How to help the Monastery

Sunnataram Forest Monastery is grateful to all friends who have kindly supported its activities to spread Dhamma for the benefits of many more people in Australia and the world. May all of this good kamma bring longevity, good health, wealth, good fortune and inner peace to you. May all of your wishes come true.



1. Money: Sunnataram Forest Monastery, Australia ANZ Bank BSB 012 739  Account # 5494 41997

2. Building materials & tools (new & recycled timber)

3. Plants (cold climate only)

4. Foods (Vegetarian)

5. Office supplies ( Epson Series 82N all colours), Premium Photo Paper


Metta Working Weekend.

Be a volunteer to help the monks building, gardening, cleaning etc. every Sunday. It is a good opportunity to learn Dhamma through unconditional love in action. Please contact the monastery email: [email protected]