7-9 Jul 2017 Weekend Meditation Retreat

Weekend Meditation Retreat: Awareness & Compassion

Love brings happiness, but compassion helps to remove troubles away from all of us. Let's learn the special Dhamma technique how the combination of mindfulness, awareness, calmness and wisdom helps to promote compassionate actions which will help to end unhappiness in everyone's life.



Please click here to see more photos in google drive

Thank you!!  We had an amazing retreat. It means so much to me all the beautiful love and help from the monks and volunteers. Words don't feel adequate to express my gratitude. I am very moved. Big thank you to the 'fire tending Monk'. The heat made it easier to meditate and what a great smile! Metta,



Hi Kim

It was a lovely experience being at the retreat this past weekend. It was the first retreat I've attended; thanks for your part in making it such a great experience. I definitely hope to visit again at some point.

Can you add me to the list of people interested in receiving a digital copy of the book of the chants we did? Also, will there be a way to view the photos that were taken over the weekend?

It was really nice meeting you; thanks again.



Dear Kim! 

 Alex and I would like to express our deepest gratitude for everyone who worked together to create an amazing space for our journey into meditation on this past weekend. We would like to thank each one of you individually. You Kim. The volunteers at the kitchen. The volunteer responsible for the weekend. The monks for the Dhamma teachings.  All living beings and the beautiful land where the retreat is located. 

 I would like to apologise that I could not join the group on Sunday. I was very sick and I had a very difficult night. At lunch time on Sunday I felt worse, so Alex and I had to leave without saying good bye to anyone. Please send my apologies to Phra Mana Viriyarampo. 

 I am feeling a bit better now. I believe it was the gluten. I have been reacting to it. The food was so yummy and beautiful that I must have eaten more than what I needed 😉 

 I hope to see you again in the near future. 

Wishing you an abundance of Gratitude and Love



Hi Kim,

A bit THANK YOU again to yourself and venerable Prah Mana and Ping Po Sawat for your time and energy. 

I was wondering if there are any recordings of the morning and evening chanting at all? 

It would be nice for home practice as I tend to lose the 'song' 

Thank you again for your time :) 

Thanks and have a wonderful day! ✨

Warmest regards,



Hi Kim

Thanks so much for your hard work, and devoted team Monk & all volunteers to facilitate everything to bring us all together to experience such a serenity and peace,

Included my 7months Baby in my tommy

Can't wait to bring him next time when he s a bit grow up.

Kind regards 



Hi Kim,

 Thank you very much for the photos and email.

 As ever, I had a wonderful time at the retreat and am looking forward to coming again in the new year when I will have returned from my 6 month trip overseas.

 Once again thank you Kim, Peter, the volunteers and Venerable Phra Mana and Luong Po Sawat for making the retreat so wonderful.


 Leo Birch 



 Thank you.

 Can I ask for the recipe for the Tom Yum soup you prepared for us the first night? If it wasn't too much hassle for you I'd love to learn to prepare this true treat!

 Thanks in advance.

 Kind regards,



Hi Kim,


Thanks for your email and for sending the photos and the chanting book.

 I thank you all for the absolutely amazing and enlightening weekend.

 Attached a photo I took on Sunday that I thought you were going to like. :)

 Could you please book me in for the retreat in October?

 Thanks again.

Hope you have a fantastic week!