Karuna Cloister for Meditation

The Karuna cloister started in 2007 with the concrete slab and timber poles in place. Due to the increase of Dhamma teaching activities, the monastery decided to pause the construction of both Karuna and Metta cloisters until the need arises.


Plan to build a new meditation hall ‘Karuna Cloister: the Shrine of Compassion’


The Library has been in the property since the monastery started in 1989. It was converted from an old tractor shed to be the multipurpose hall: library, workshop, storage, gift shop, dining room, sleeping area, meeting place, lecturing & slide presentation area, tai chi exercise, chanting and meditation hall for large meditation groups and school excursions. Patiently, the monks have used the library for all kinds of the Dhamma teaching activities even though the roof has been leaking for some time.


Recently, there has been an increasing number of people participating in our monthly meditation retreats and many more school and university students visiting and studying Buddhism in our monastery.


Usually, we prefer to practise sitting meditation and listen to Dhamma talk outdoor. Only on windy and rainy days, we have to use the library. Now, the leaking roof has become ‘Niagara Falls’, especially when it rains heavily. All the carpets have started to rot, and the books have been damaged. It is no longer possible to facilitate any teaching activities.


The monks have decided that now is the right time to build the ‘Karuna Cloister: the Shrine of Compassion’ to replace the old library.


We are looking for generous donors who would like to help the monks to build the Shrine of Compassion, so we are able to continue Dhamma teachings to people. Select any item that you would like to sponsor. You are able to donate directly into our bank account, and acknowledge us by email. Your name will be displayed on our website 'Lists of generous donors'.


We will keep on updating the progress of this project on this website.


Thanks & Sadhu: Rejoice with your kind help.