Sunnataram Forest Monastery is grateful to all friends who have kindly supported its activities to spread Dhamma for the benefits of many more people in Australia and the world.

May all of this good kamma bring longevity, good health, wealth, good fortune and inner peace to you. May all of your wishes come true.

These young volunteers come to help the monks to do all kinds of hard work every weekend. They also learn to do chanting and practice meditation before going back to Sydney. A few times a year, they have Thai language meditation retreats at Sunnataram Forest Monastery, Bundanoon.

Thanks to John & Maew, Nowra for your wonderful cooking and thanks to Hong and Ken to fix our cars and folklift.

Thanks to Marc helping monks to dig a big hole and helping to clean the monastery. Thanks to Norbert for your beautiful ceramic lotus bowls.

Thanks to Rees for his help in setting up scaffolding for the Gratitude pagoda project since 2003 and he donated some scaffolding to the monastery.

Anumodhana to Khun Pia and Nuch and friends.

Thanks to Gordon and Tik from Newport.



Thank you to Julian Wolkenstein for beautiful photos of the monastery.


Volunteers and Friends