Dhamma Amphitheatre

Outdoor atmosphere of studying Dhamma To explain philosophy behind artwork and design of the Gratitude Pagoda which involves Buddhist teachings, world history and ancient art .

World Map in 3D built in concrete the size of basketball court, covering the four great civilizations of the ancient world; Egypt, India, Mesopotamia and Yellow River of China.


Asoka Pillar: our gratitude to King Asoka who spread Dhamma from India to many parts of the world in 3rd Cent BC


Stone Sculpture (Life of the Buddha): Depicting 60 replicas from Sanchi Stupa and other ancient Buddhist stupas in India, dating from 2nd Cent BC, and showing the development of art and ideas from the simple Buddhist icons to the creation of the Buddha image in Hellenistic style.


Dhamma Gardens: Walk in the beautiful flower and fruit garden and listen to the monk’s Dhamma talk, like Aristotle’s style of walking & teaching in the garden of Lyceum, Athens.


“StoneHenge” and the spinning ball: Astrology and Buddhist cycle of birth and death. Learn how to free oneself from suffering.


Egypt & Greece Exhibitions: See the spiritual awakening from the pyramid age of Egypt to the rise of Greek philosophers.


Suvarnabhumi: the Golden Land Exhibition: How Buddhism came to Thailand, Vietnam and SE Asia.


Silk Road (coming): the Great Exchange of Trade, Culture and Wisdom.


“Star Gates” : the Five Aggregates that can be food for Vipassana wisdom.