Gratitude Pagoda since 2003

"Inspiration from Phra Mana’s gratitude to his mother who passed away in 2001."

Phra Mana nursed his dying mother for 2 months in Chiangmai University Hospital where she gained comfort from gazing at the beautiful Doi Suthep Pagoda from her hospital window. Relics of the Buddha and other Arahants offered to SFM by the Head Monk of Thailand, the late Somdej Yannavarodom, other senior monks, Mr. Thongdee Hansakunarom and other devotees. Luang Po Thongdee, the Abbot of Wat Avutvikasitaram has been kindly supervising the project since the start.

Stage One: The Pagoda Construction began in Feb.2003 and is an on-going auspicious megaproject.

Stage Two: The consecration of Uposatha completed in Feb 2008.

Stage Three: The two pavilions and four corner pagodas completed in May2009.

Stage Four: Kuan Yin Pond completed in Nov 2009.

Stage Five: Parami (Meditation) Walk commenced in 2011

Stage Six: The southern and northern cloisters to be constructed.