2nd Effort

Effort: Make the right use of our energy

Effort is to put our plan into action. Buddhism is based on energetic actions; action to correct our mistakes, action to prevent wrong deeds, action to better our conduct and action to maintain good practise.

Effort synchronizes will power. If our interest in practising meditation is not serious, our effort to practise mindful meditation will be less. Oppositely, if the resolution is so high, effort will be like a power house. People are lazy or feel reluctant to practise meditation, not because they don’t want to try, but they are not interested enough to do it.

To be mindful in all activities during the weekend meditation retreat is not an easy job. Some people quit before the retreat ends. Most people diligently keep on trying to follow the time table; waking up early in the morning, sitting meditation for an hour, walking meditation in the bush etc. It is possible only because of their strong will power. People who practise meditation or exercise regularly without being told by someone else, are the ones who already have had the benefits.

The relaxed feeling arising from calmness of mind helps to refresh and reenergize our minds, and the very same nice feeling motivates us to keep on practising meditation.

In Vipassana meditation, effort is the action of constantly observing the true nature of body, feelings, memory, thoughts and

consciousness. When the mind realizes the true nature of Impermanent, Unstable and Not-self, the mind will release attachment. Once letting go of clinging happens, the mind will experience peaceful liberation.

Such extraordinary nice feeling of freedom from suffering will be self-inspiration, and will generate great effort.

The clearer we know what we want in life, the more focus we have towards our goal. And we will put all of our physical and mental energy towards that direction. We will not waste time in life doing some other useless things.

In meditative lifestyle, we diligently produce ‘mindfulness ‘in all activities.  So the next quality of ‘staying focused’ will come much easier when the first two qualities are well developed. People who practise meditation regularly will have more advantage in controlling their mind and focusing their mind on their work.