3rd Stay Focus

 Stay Focus

The benefit of training the mind in meditation is to tame the mind. The untamed mind is useless. The well tamed mind is like a well- trained horse which can be used in many ways.

There are three levels of concentration of the mind. The deeper the concentration, the mind will have more ability to stay focused. The benefit of concentration is the calm, relaxed and refreshed mind.

Such clear, active and a stable mind will enable us to have more tolerance to withstand any difficulties in life both physically and emotionally.

In Vipassana meditation, people must learn how to use their concentration of the mind to support ‘observing & realizing’ practise. We will be able to ‘see’ the way things are more clearly, and the result is effective letting go of attachment.

People may have to study the seven suitable factors, the five hindrances and the six temperaments so they can easily work on concentration meditation.