Teaching in Universities

Since Sunnataram Forest Monastery started in1989, the monks have been invited to teach Buddhism in many universities in New South Wales, Victoria and Australia Capital Territory (ACT).

Notably the University of NSW Buddhist Society (UNIBUDS) is a remarkable  student organization which has been active in Buddhist study in the past 34 years. Their Friday English Dhamma talk is popular amongst university members, and Ven. Phra Mana is one of their regular Dhamma speakers. SFM has conducted Winter retreats for UNIBUDS for the past 24 years, in which students spend 2 nights and 3 days in June/July studying Dhamma and practicing meditation, in the   monastery. 

These young people can learn a lot of 'straight' Dhamma from their university Buddhist societies, which they can differentiate between 'superstitious' and 'spiritual' parts of Buddhism. It is important for them to realize the common & practical 'Noble Eightfolded Path' amongst the three different schools of Buddhism, and walk upon the direct path to the End of Unsatisfactoriness in life.  In this way they can treasure and enjoy the Buddha Dhamma more than before.


O Week, Sydney University 2012

Dhamma talk to Unibuds 2011

Dhamma talk to Unibuds on 'Awaken the Electromagnetic Mind' 2012

Dhamma talk to students  of UTS