1-3 Nov 2019 retreat Art of Peaceful Living

Dear Everyone, 

Thank you for making this a very relaxed and happy retreat.

Congratulations on enduring the heat, snakes, wombats, cockatoos and many other distractions and challenges.

Venerable Phra Mana, LuongPo Suntouch, Peter, all volunteers and I hope you have gained much benefit and a lot of new skills from this weekend.

Thank you for your help to maintain the peaceful vibration of the monastery.

The last teaching of the Seven Factors of Awakening, Bojjanga Paritta is on page 58 of the Chanting Book, which is also attached.

Please let me know if you would like any further information, or if you have questions or would like to comment on the weekend.

With metta,



Hi Kim,


Thank you for the lovely retreat. I am so grateful for the wonderful experience at the monastery, all the learnings shared by Phra Mana and the love shown by the volunteers through their service. Thank you for helping us deepen our spiritual growth.

 Have a lovely week ahead.

 Kind regards, Fung


Thankyou Kim. It was such a wonderful retreat.




Thanks Kim, it was a lovely weekend.



Hope you re getting some of this rain 



Hi Kim


I wanted to thank the Monks, Peter, the volunteers and yourself for a wonderful experience. 

Although I am only beginning the journey, I felt so wonderful at the end of this weekend.  

I have already told a very good friend of mine who would also love to attend and we are discussing perhaps returning in March.

I can’t explain the profound affect I feel after attending and I will continue to include meditation into my days from now on. 

I would also love to return some time to help with chores or gardening or anything that needs doing,

Please let me know if that is ever an option. 

When I said farewell to the monks, Phra Mana commented that I smiled a lot. I felt my face was sore sometimes, for when he spoke his happiness was infectious.  

Thank you for sharing the photo from today. I really would love to speak to the monks more about Buddhism. 

I don’t believe in god, and I am not christened into any faith. What I do practice is being a good person. Sure I have my faults but I do try to live my life compassionate, tolerant and accepting. I think adding in meditation will be wonderful. I do struggle with a wandering mind but I understand to acknowledge the thought and go back to the breathing. 

I feel like I am light as a feather. 

What a wonderful experience, even the snake didn’t worry me.  

Thank you again Kim, I look forward to seeing you all again some time soon. 


Shelley 😀


Hi Kim,


Many thanks for sending the photo and all your hard work & effort to provide another beautiful retreat! 


Wishing you much love and happiness. 





Dear Kim

I had a wonderful retreat at the Sunnataram Forest Monastery this weekend

A BIG Thank You to you, the volunteers and fabulous monks

You all did such a wonderful job and you could tell just  how much love when into it

It was a real pleasure being able to be there

All the very best 




Hi Kim,

Thank you so much. The weekend has been amazing & inspiring. I hope to be able to join the retreat again in the new year.

Take care and I hope to see you all again soon.


Kind Regards


Thank you very much for a Lovely peaceful and  enjoyable weekend full of learning and reflection. Loved all the animals ! I have forwarded donation via Bank Transfer just now.


Kind Regards,



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