13-15 Sept 2019 Retreat

Heart Blossom

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for your mindful practice at this weekend’s Heart Blossom retreat.

Venerable Phra Mana, Luongpo Sawat, Luongpo Suntouch, Peter and all the volunteers would like to rejoice with you for your co-operation and keen articipation.

We hope you have gained new skills and insights to help you in your daily life.

Please email any questions you may have, and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

If anyone would like to continue their chanting, I can email the book to you.

With metta,


Please click here for more photos in google drive


Dear Kim
thank you so much for a lovely retreat.
I am wondering if I may book onto the retreat at that is held for the week of christmas? I am also wondering if it is possible to have a copy of the meditation book that is used emailed, if not to much trouble
I also need to transfer you $10 for the cd

Warm Regards



Thank you so very much for a lovely weekend,

I know I will be back again.

 The wisdom and philosophy of Buddhist teachings puts a smile on my face and gives me internal laughter and calmness.

Not to mention the experience of cutting down trees with a 70 year old monk :)

 Can I please request a copy of the powerpoint presentations if possible?

 Thank you once again for enabling me to be apart of something so special.



Hi Kim

 Thank you so much.

 I have thoroughly enjoyed the retreat and was very useful.

 Since I have attended the last retreat in February this year, I and my wife has started to practice meditation on a regular basis and daily for 2 months now. We have gradually increased time of daily meditation to 40 minutes now and enjoying the benefits of it.

We are ever grateful to Phra Mana, you and other volunteers for providing this opportunity. This has changed our way of life completely.

 I would like to attend the Tuesday sessions at least once a month with the family and will begin shortly.

 Do I need to confirm before attendance to make sure Phra Mana’s presence?

 Also, I would be grateful if you could email me a copy of the chanting book please.

 I’m sorry to hear the loss of your granddaughter recently and I’m sure you are strong enough spiritually to face the situation and will support your family at this time.

 I’m amazed to think your dedication and commitment to make this place a great place to inspire so many people to better their lives.

 Thank you

 With Metta



Dear Kim,

 Thank you for sending the photo and for all that you do to organise these retreats.

 My daily life and that of my family have been, and will continue to be, positively impacted by my teachers and friends at Sunnataram Forest Monastery. Of special help to me from this weekend are reflections on impermanence, (de)attachment, unconditional love, and acceptance. Practicing visualisations and different techniques for meditation and breathing, especially walking/hiking meditations, will be carried throughout the rest of my life. My conversations with Jamal on the way to and from the retreat were also very interesting and helpful to my practice.




Hi Kim,


Thank you so much for hosting such a fantastic weekend Retreat.

I really enjoyed it and got so much from it.


I will be back for the November Retreat and maybe hopefully with my 2 sons. I will apply shortly.


I would love to continue learning Chanting so please send me the book ......and also if you have any recommendations for Buddhism for Beginners Books or similar for Adults I would appreciate the recommendation.






Hello Kim


Thank you to you, the Monks and volunteers for all the care and attention you put in to making the weekend such a harmonious, calming and reaffirming experience for me.


Hope to see you soon and all the best with the month ahead.


Kind regards



many thanks for another beautiful and fruitful retreat. 


my husband Oren would like to please join the 1-3 Nov retreat, should he just write you an email?


many thanks, again.



Dear Kim,


Thank you very much for everything I could not be more grateful.  I appreciate that the retreat itself is very practical and the techniques are easy to use. Big success considering the fact that was my first real attempt to practice meditations 🙂


I have to admit that I read from time to time stoic philosophers Seneca and Marcus Aurelius. I was sometimes very surprised because some principles of stoic philosophy are identical or very similar to the Buddhist teaching I learned over the course.


Could you please send me the group photo in a better resolution and chanting book?




Petr Koukal

Thank you Kim. Great retreat! Many thanks to everyonr who worked so hard to make it a success. And thank you to my fellow participants for your good company.


Metta to all.



Hi Kim,


Thank you for sharing with me and for welcoming my father to the retreat.


He had a very rewarding experience from what I understand. 


Thank you for all the work you do making this type of experience available to people.


God Bless,



Dear Kim,


Thank you so much for creating another wonderful weekend. The effort and time that you all put into it is exceptional.


Please pass on my gratitude to the rest of the volunteers, Peter, Phra Mana, Luongpo Suntouch and Luongpo Sawat.


Before I transfer can I confirm these details are correct; 


Also, am I able to book in for 2020 dates as yet? I would like to book in for the March date if possible.


Thank you 🙏



Thank you, Kim.


I’m already checking my diary to see when I can come again. It was a perfectly peaceful and nourishing retreat.


I would greatly appreciate a copy of the chanting book by email please.


Warm regards,


Dear Kim ,


Deepest gratitude for all the loving kindness offered by Phra Mana, the teachers, the whole team and you on the Heart Blossom Retreat despite the temperamental weather and personal challenges / difficulties. 


A very special place and special team that creates smiles on people’s face and warm in people ‘s heart. Again thank you.


I wish you all the strength and health and happiness.


With Metta.