Dhamma talk to Lankarama Buddhist Youth Group, Sydney

Ven. Phra Mana, Ven. Phra Ananda and Kim participated in an afternoon Dhamma session at Lankarama temple in Schofields, Sydney.

Ven. Phra Mana was invited to give a Dhamma talk on Buddhism in the Silicon Age. He explained how the Dhamma can protect us from electromagnetic short waves radiating from many devices around us. Two volunteers demonstated how thin aluminium foil can stop short waves from mobile phones only when a phone was completely wrapped. He integrated the knowledge of modern scientific research on brain waves and calmness of mind from Buddhist meditation, to reveal the traditional Buddhist belief on the benefit of loving-kindness (Metta) radiation.

At the end of the session we did 30 minutes of walking meditation in the new hall.  Sadhu to Ven. Dr. Dhammagavesi, the Abbot of Lankarama who has been working so hard to spread Dhamma in Australia. Rejoice with Saumya Amarasinghe, Dhamma coordinator and friends who did a very good kamma job for the youth group. We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our meditation retreats soon.