Vesak 2012 Thailand (28 May - 4 Jun 2012)

  1. Attend the Special meeting of 175 Abbot monks fromThai monasteries all around the world in Ayuttaya.

  2. Attend the Royal Funeral Service for the ordination master of Phra Ajahn Yantra in Nakorn Sri Dhammarat.

  3. Visit Wat Phra Mahatat Archaeological Museum and give a radio interview for a Dhamma program of Buddhist University in Nakorn Sri Dhammarat.

  4. Visit Wat Klong Tom Archaeological Museum; the landmark of Indianization of Suvarnabhumi from 1st Cent BC and the arrival of Brahmanism and Buddhism to Thailand.

  5. Participation of Foundation Stone Ceremony for the Buddhism Center of the World, Buddha Monthon, Nakorn Pathom.

  6. Join the Celebration of 2600 Years of the Buddha Enlightenment, Sanam Luang, Bangkok.

Kicchamon and Kim at Buddha Monthon, South of Bangkok on 2 June 2012. The Foundation Stone Ceremony for the new building of Buddhism Center of the World.

Kim gave interview to a European TV, Buddha Monthon, 2 Jun 2012.

Thanks to Dr. Amnaj Buasiri, the Deputy Director of National Office of Buddhism, Thailand and Dr. Julason Thunnart, Derector of External Religious Affairs.

Talk to Ven. Yan Ke, Abbot of Tanjin Great Enlightenment Buddhist Temple (DA JAue Chan Si), Xiangnui Ave., Jing Jin City, Baodi, Tianjin, China.