Teaching in U3A 2013


Cave to Canvas

From the beginning of human existence, “wonder, curiosity and myth” have been a source of inspiration and art for mankind.

Phra Mana will discuss in depth our spiritual expression, from primitive art to the digital age, in a Buddhist context.

The lectures will include Phra Mana’s most recent research trips (2012-2013) to Southern India and South-East Asia, and discussions with archaeologists, art historians and other specialists. The great Indian epic Mahabharata will also be included, from a cultural, historic and scientific point of view. Students will  have the opportunity to view and discuss some authentic artefacts from the Sunnataram Forest Monastery collection.

For members of U3A Southern Highlands.

2013 Term 3,  Start on Wed 17th July 2013 for 10 weeks

U3A Liason – Jean de Hosson