August 2015 Retreat

7 – 9 August Retreat: Digital Mindfulness (click here for more photos)

 Feed back

Many thanks to everyone for helping to make this a very happy and beneficial experience.

We will have more photos on our website over the coming weeks.

I hope you are all still maintaining your mindfulness, and observing your happy thoughtsJ

Phra Mana, Phra Maha JJ, the volunteers and I would love to see you all back at SFM soon.

We would love to hear your feedback, in order to improve in any way.

Also please feel free to ask any questions or let me know if you would like the words to any chanting

With metta,



Hi Kim,


What a truly life enhancing experience. Thankyou to you, Pra Mana, Phra Maha JJ and all the volunteers for your generosity, kindness and wisdom. The peace, perspective, happiness and mindfulness gained is still being felt. I am still smiling!


I look forward to my next retreat experience at the monastery.


Kind regards,




Hi. Thank you for a wonderful experience. We will be back!

Kim and Jo



Hello Kim :)


Thank you so much for the amazing weekend! Your efforts are truly felt, at every corner of the Monastery Love is there! Please receive my appreciation and deep gratitude for all!

I'd like to know the name and history of the Buddha Tree, the talk lovely Phra Mana did on sunday morning! And also the words for the "This is the highest good fortune" chanting!

Cannot thank you all enough for how nurtured and loved I feel!

With much much Love,

Marcia x



Hi Kim,


Would like to say thank you all for my beautiful experience at the Sunnataram Forest Monastery. It was wonderful to be back and feel again the love and kindness everywhere we walk in the monastery. The place is blooming and it was lovely to see the new gardens. I had a stronger experience and connection this time, which allowed me call this place home. My friends Veronica, Marcia and Raquel are so grateful and delightful for the opportunity to be there and listen to the teachings. They will certainly be back at some stage.

 With Love and Kindness,




Dear Kim,


Thank you for your kind words and photo from the retreat. Although my body struggled with sitting meditation and the cold Phra Mana is an inspirational teacher and the devotion of the volunteers at the monetary was humbling. The Monastery is a sanctuary for the soul which in this hectic life provides a reference to where contentment and happiness really comes from.


Thank you.





Thank you Kim, much appreciated.

Everything was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt so much. I am in awe of the work that you, Phra Mana and all the volunteers do. Loving kindness was shown to me in so many ways. Thanks again 🙏

I would really love the words to the chanting that we did this weekend.

Take care

Andrea xx



Thank you so much for a very special weekend Kim, I found the experience quite amazing. The location, the facilities, staff and food were all excellent. I've given great feedback to my friends and colleagues at work.


I was wondering if you and your team hold cooking lessons? I would love to learn how they made the vegetarian food especially some of the textured proteins they used, made meat seem superfluous!


Anyway I do very much hope to be back soon. My mum, Marie Klausen, Bundanoon resident has committed to joining me on my next retreat at your Monastery so you will be hearing from me on this is due course.


In the mean time God Bless and keep up the great work!






Thank you so much Kim!  It was amazing and I really very much appreciate the generosity of others - especially the Monks and volunteers, and YOU.  I have started to plant my plants which will be a permanent reminder of my impermanent weekend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I will be back for sure.