Bowral Public School Visit 20th Aug, 2nd & 16th Sept 2015

A very happy visit to monks and volunteers of Sunnataram Forest Monastery from boys and girls and parents and teachers from Bowral Public Shool. The students came into three groups in three different days. Kim and our Thai volunteers prepared very yummy meals for all. The first group on 25 Aug 2015 experienced a very wet and cold day. But we all enjoyed meditation and walking in the rain ! Hopefully, no one got sick.

The other two groups in Sept 2015 were quite lucky because the weather was so good. We did tai chi exercise and sitting meditation outdoor facing Kangaloo valley and Pacific ocean. After yummy lunch, we walked around the garden and learnt a lot about history and Buddhist culture.

All boys and girsl are so cute and friendly. A few family came to visit us on the following weekends. We are so happy to see you, and would like to see you all again any Sunday. You all are welcome.


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