July 2015 Retreat

Weekend Meditation Retreat: The Power of Love

3 – 5 July 2015 (click here for more photos)



Dear Everyone,

Here is the group photo from July retreat.

Thank you all for braving the cold and coming to learn and practice compassionate love.

We hope that everyone benefitted from Phra Mana’s generous teaching and that you all enjoyed the weekend.

Please keep practising your meditation and feel free to write and let us know your feedback.

Also let me know if you would like any copies of chanting or other teaching from the weekend.

We will have more photos on our website over the next couple of weeks, as it is still in the process of being updated.

We look forward to seeing you again.

With metta,



Hi Kim


Thank you for having me at the retreat last weekend, I enjoyed it a lot!


Could you send to me the chanting please?


I holpe to go back there soon!


Thank you,





Hi Kim,


Thank you very much. I was inspired to deepen my practise. Would you believe that I've been waking up at 5.30am to meditate since. Amazing considering that I'm not a morning person.


I am grateful for the effort that you and the volunteers put in to make us feel comfortable. I know that would have taken a lot of hard work behind the scenes.


Bill and I are keen to come again. Until then blessings and peace to you and everyone else at the monastery.


Kind regards,




Thanks very much Kim for  our wonderful stay at the monastery !




Dear Kim,


Thanks for your kind support and guidance over the weekend. I would deeply appreciate any of the the chanting text, very much. This was the most puriest social experience I have had and this was all due to everyone who was at the retreat. Without any doubt this was due to

Phra Mana's talent and skill as a teacher and leader. I am gradually adopting his teachings moment by moment, so please thank him for me.


Yours Truly


Gavin - Love and kindness for all



Dear Kim,


I have no words to describe how thankful I'm for the amazing weekend I experienced. For me It was a life changing learning, and I'll be keep up on practicing what I've learned from now on.

Congratulations on your beautiful work and the volunteers, I've got emotional to see how people like you guys can offer your love and generosity to help and make it all happen.

I'll be back for sure.


Thank you so much!! 🙏

Kind regards





Thank you for a lovely retreat!



Hi Kim,


Thank you to all at Sunnataram Forest Retreat for an inspiring weekend retreat.


I attended the Monastery not wanting anything and not seeking anything, and instead found life changing teachings from Phra Mana. I am grateful for the loving kindness I have received


Kind Regards