Vesak Retreat May 2015

Special Vesak Retreat: Enlightenment & Liberation 16 – 23 May 2015

The 7 day Vesak retreat is the most serious and hard work meditation of each year. People will learn the core Buddhist teachings of Enlightenment and Liberation of the mind from unsatisfactoriness in life. In such a continuous development of mindfulness, concentration and Vipassana in this special meditation retreat, people will have more time to experience  transformation of their consciousness: to be active, clear, stable and peaceful. We accept only experienced people who have attended our meditation retreat before.

The retreat will start on Sat 16th May at 11 am lunch offering to monks and lunch for all, and will finish on Sat 23rd may at 2 pm


From all of us we would like to say Sadhu Sadhu to Phra Mana for his teachings, for his wise instructions, for patiently and gracefully accommodating our restlessness, our lack of mindfulness and knowledge.

Due to your diligent methods you have helped us discover the path into the other world, the realization of the truth, the path to Liberation and inner peace. Sadhu Sadhu

We express our gratitude to Kim for giving us so generously her time. You looked after us in every possible way from organizing our retreat, to cooking, to answering our questions, to giving Neurofen to help old bones. Every day we received from you lots of smiles, love and encouragement. Sadhu Sadhu

We express our gratitude to the Thai volunteers driving so far to cook for us delicious meals, hard to resist not going for a second round! Sadhu Sadhu

Thank you to our group for the support we received from each other during the week.

Sadhu Sadhu




Dear Kim,

 Thank you for your lovely email and for looking after us so well!

 My first experience as I returned back home was a powerful one! The morning after on Sunday  I woke up by an amazing image of Buddha and the candles burning. Was so real as I was there chanting and meditating in the room next to your office. I felt totally immersed and as I felt the pressure on my chest I took a deep breath, open my eyes and check the time as was still dark outside , was exactly 5 am the time the bell rang each morning. From that moment something happened it is as I turned a difficult corner and I now sense so much more peace, a deeper than ever before!

 Please pass my gratitude to Venerable Phra Mana and LuongPo Sawat.

 With warmest wishes,





Venerable Phra Mana,

 Thank you very much for your teaching.

 Walking, eating, gardening, any other everyday activity has become meditation in my life due to your teaching, or in other words, meditation is an integral part of my life now.

I will be glad to continue with Dhamma teachings and retreats in Sunnataram.

 Great thanks to LuongPo Sawat and Kim as well.




Dear Phra Mana and Kim

 It is the best retreat. Thank you for all your support.  I clearly understand Five aggregates, Six sense doors and the spinning wheel and am supported by sixteen steps. All teaching finally settled on the spot of emptiness. Eight right passages are still far away for me. However, following the Four noble truth, I can see the dim light inside me. So, I can keep practicing without any doubt. It is the highest good fortune to see Dhanma through Phra Mana’s teaching. This is the highest good fortune that I met Phra Mana. This is the highest good fortune that I met Kim, Faye and Graeme. This is the highest good fortune I met volunteers and other people who supported me.

 with big thanks.



Dear Prah Mana, Luong Po, Kim, and volunteers,

Thank you very much for organising yet another wonderful long retreat.  Thank you for all the hard work to keep us mindful, warm, and well fed (sometimes Kim and On single handedly cooking for all of us) throughout the week.


It was a good practice to observe the nature of the processes of seeing, tasting, thinking, etc happen, and to observe the end of pleasant feeling. Looking at anicca and anatta from this different angle helps with understanding and reducing attachment. Thank you Prah Mana for sharing the stories of training with Luong Ta, practices to increase mindfulness and willpower. After each retreat, I've been able to simplify my lifestyle to be more conducive for a peaceful mind, just like removing layers of a Russian doll.


Since returning home, I'm trying to explain to Mork cat how to observe the end of pleasant feelings, but his consciousness is clinging to my lap more than ever. I can see that a cat who has practiced meditation for many years (Dumdee) can have a very peaceful and stable mind, compared to a beginner cat (Chokdee) whose mind and body is jumping all over the place. All the cats seem to settle into calmness when they are in a room full of humans meditating. Luong Ta had previously mentioned that cats are easier to teach than dogs.


I have attached a few pictures taken during the retreat, and a group photo with everybody's eyes open. Thanks again for your hard work in organizing this retreat.

 With metta,




Dear Ven Phra Mana, Ven Luang Por, Kim and all volunteers and supporters,

 A heartfelt thank you and gratitude for your kindness and the fruitful and rewarding retreat. The weather was cold but I felt warm and peaceful inside : ) With the valuable practical & uniquely improvised teaching technique from Phra Mana,  it certainly enables me to clarify & solidify my path not just on meditation but also on mundane living and work. I now enjoy every bite of an apple :D  I am looking forward to the next retreat and see you all soon again.

 With Metta,