November 27-29, 2015 Retreat

The Last Meditation Retreat for Beginners: The Gift of Love and Peace (click here for more photo)

We will spend this precious weekend to learn gentle exercise of Qi gong breathing, sitting & walking meditation in the monastery garden to gain calmness and relaxation.Then we will practice Vipassana meditation to let go of negative thoughts and emotions in the mind. Eventually, we will be able to create our own love and peace as a gift for ourselves and our beloved ones. 


A wonderful final retreat of the Year 2015. Thanks to all 52 retreat participants who have practiced diligently and calmly during the weekend. Interestingly, there were quite a few brothers, sisters, couples, parents with adult children.

  The whole atmosphere was very good and so peaceful. The weather was quite supportive, neither too hot nor too cold.  Our Dhamma discussion covered many important topics of Buddhist teachings, and we practiced both mindfulness and Vipassana meditation.  Thanks to 10+ repeat people who were very inspiring meditators to our new friends. We were surprised to have ‘Mr. Boney’ to participate in the practice of reflection on Impermanence on the last day. 

Special acknowledgement to our Thai volunteer cooking team who just finished their research trip to India in Nov 2015,  and as soon as they arrived Sydney on Fri 27th Nov 15, they went for vegetable shopping and drove to Bundanoon to cook for 60+ people during the weekend retreat.  A very big SADHU to them. 


Hi Kim,

thank you very much for this wonderful week end.

It was amazing and the energy is magic. The work you do is truly impressive.. Thank you very much.

I forget a grey pullover. I give it to the Monastery.

Have a beautiful day,




I wanted to thank you for the terrific weekend I have just experienced at the monastery.

It was a great learning experience for me and is going to help me to make some important changes in my life.

Thank you to all involved with your wonderful organisation - and a very special thanks to your volunteers who prepared and made the sensational meals you provided.

Any further information you may have regarding the meditations would be most appreciated.

Again, many thanks.




Hi Kim

Firstly, what an amazing experience.  I will be back in 2016 to build on what I have discovered so far.

Phra Mana is an amazing inspiration, his teachings and messages are invaluable.

The volunteers are of such high quality.  They were polite, respectful and extremely pleasant.  Not to mention the quality of the food provided.  My expectations where exceeded by the flavour, amount and quality.  I was exposed to new types and variety of ingredients which I embraced as part of the whole experience. 

You are so very welcoming, friendly and the level of respect you show to the Monastery is an absolute credit to you. 

Leading up to the Retreat I was nervous about the silent aspect, but was very quickly put as ease.  Silence is such an important part of the experience, and I was not challenged by it at all.  In fact, when we started talking at the end of the retreat I was surprised at how it changed the feel of things.  I embrace the silence of the Monastery and retreat.

Just a couple of things please in finishing:

1.              Are you able to please forward on the Chanting booklet to me

2.              Also the 8 Dhamma Wheel details

3.              I have attached a photo of a symbol which really resignated with me.  It was outside the Gratitude pagoda.  Can you please confirm what this symbol means in relation to the Monetary learnings and significant.

Thank you so much, and please pass my gratitude on to the volunteers.




This was an incredible experience for me and one that I hope will have a lasting impact on my life and interactions with the world. Thank you all.




Dear Kim,

Thank you for another wonder weekend. I feel so refreshed after spending the weekend in the sanctuary Phra Mana and yourself have cultivated.

Can you please send me through the Buddhist chants? As I’d like to practice before the February retreat.

Also could I please put my name down for that? I heard it is on the 19th but can not find it on the web site.

Thank you,




Hi Kim

Just a quick note to say thank you for organising such a great weekend.

I've been studying Buddhism for a while but I developed a whole new level of understanding thanks to the perfectly planned program with the mixture of teachings and meditation which enabled realisations to arise.  My eternal gratitude to the Abbot Phra Mana for his warmth, patience, love and clarity of explanations.

And thanks for the bed in the strawberry caravan. I don't think I've ever slept anywhere so quiet.

And thanks to the volunteers for the amazing food.

And thanks to the volunteers for making the place spotlessly clean and tidy.

And thanks to the wombat who joined us for evening walking meditation.

And thanks to the cat for showing us what being fully present looks like

And thanks to the person who cancelled to give me a place on the retreat.

I hope to come back some time.

Love Lucy



Thank you Kim and the amazing volunteers for looking after us. Thank you Phra Mana for your gentle and meaningful teachings that enabled a beginner like me to visualise a path to achieving wisdom. A loooong way to go but you have certainly provided the inspiration.




Hello Kim,

Thank you again for another great weekend. Your great organisation, amazing food from lovely volonteers and wisdom of Phra Mana make it an absolutely wonderful experience

Very greatful to have found such sanctuary in our busy life.

If you still have places for Feb , may i please put my name down ?

Kind regards





Hello Kim

Thank you for the photo and other useful information.  I too had a wonderfully peaceful, centred and informative weekend.  The food is amazing and the setting sublime. 

I will be down on a Sunday in December, however would like to book for the retreat on 19th February.

Do I once again fill in the application form??

Many thanks