September 2015 Retreat

4 – 6 September 2015: Heart Blossom (click here for more photo)


Dear Everyone,


Thank you all for your wholehearted participation in the spring Heart Blossom retreat.


This was special retreat and your positive vibration was very inspiring for all of us.


Phra Mana, Phra Maha JJ, all volunteers and I would be delighted to see you all again very soon.


We would love to hear your feedback and comments.


Also please let me know if you would like any words to the chanting or any explanation of the teachings.


We will have some photos on the website soon.


With loving Kindness,






Dear Kim,


I would like to thank you for organising and volunteering at the monastery; it helps a lot of people and I know that it has helped me!


I write because during my practice in mindfulness at the retreat, I noticed the worn and broken wrought iron table and benches near the stage where tai chi is performed.

Kind regards,





Dear People,


Yes, it has been a good retreat!


I hope you continue practicing and we see each other again soon in the monastery, to allow Phra Mana challenge our believes and somehow relax our ways of being including the way we practice.



Many thanks to Kim and all volunteers for taking care of us in very steadfast and kind ways. And to Phra Mana for his teaching including telling us little stories which are fun to listen but also provide us with insights, and to Phra Maha JJ for the assistance.


 So be well, happy and peaceful Everyone and be in touch :)





Dear Kim,


Thank you so much, what an amazing experience!

so grateful.

Also I would love to attend the next retreat that has available spots.




> Hi Kim,

I felt everyone was very generous! I felt very privileged to have my own room.

I would have liked to have a bit more time Friday night to talk and get to know the other participants but I understand why we use the silence.

The weekend was well organised and we were busy with our activities. I couldn't believe the generosity of the people providing the food to give up their time too.

I learnt much and my meditation practice will improve immensely.

Many many thanks for all your generosity!





Dear All, 


Thank you so much for all of your loving and positive energy that made the learning environment studious and encouraging.


I'm so grateful to Phra Mana, Phra Maha JJ, Kim and all the volunteers for making this retreat another warm welcome--leaving us to concentrate diligently on the practice.


As always, Phra Mana's teaching is clear and precise. His patience and supportive altitude motivates us to want to deepen into Vipasana mediation practice with the confident. His wisdom that comes with a friendly smile and humour made learning about difficult subject of 'non-self' approachable and enjoyable.


The program is well designed and it has a good balance for the body and mind. As Phra Mana mentioned the key to achieve the calmness of mind is the right conditions and I feel that the schedule allows it.


I find the techniques for Vipasana and meditation practice illuminates the insight of yoga philosophy and practice too. Buddhist teaching and yoga practice seems to fulfill and work together seamlessly.


I look forward to continue the practice,

share the experience with others and incorporate what I learn to apply on the daily activities. 


For people who live in Sydney, if you have time, perhaps we could come together sometimes to practice yoga and mediation☺? I live in Waterloo area, I'll love to cook some vegetarian meals for us to get together, catch up and spend a quality time focus on cultivate the mindfulness. Obviously if you don't live in Sydney, you are most welcome too.


Have a wonderful coming up week☺.


Love and compassion




We became one,

Noble , silent retreat people, monks and staff became one without touch or speech, separation ceased thanks to the Heart blossom of love and kindness. Thus why ponder too much about no self when we are already one.

Thanks to all

Humble respects to Phra Mana and Phra Maha JJ