19 - 21 Feb 2016 THE POWER OF LOVE Weekend Meditation Retreat

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Weekend Meditation Retreat

Loving-kindness is the unconditional love which helps to make ourselves and others to be happy. The pure love springs out from the purity of heart like a crystal clear fountain on the hard rock. People will learn how to practise calmness and Vipassana meditation to produce the peaceful love and be happy.


Dear Kim,


Thanks for the photo from our February retreat.


And many thanks to everyone involved in making it such an enjoyable and inspiring experience.


Phra Mana’s energy, wisdom and charisma are quite wonderful. I count my blessings that he came into my life. I saw the photos in the small meditation room and read the descriptions for the first time – of how the venerable abbot built and dedicated the Gratitude Pagoda to the memory of his mother. It affected me deeply.


There in the photographs, amongst the helpers doing the building work, I noticed Winston and it caused me to reflect on those people who have worked so long, hard and selflessly to make the monastery such a beautiful place. Peace and happiness to you all!


I’m just about to make a booking for the Anzac long weekend retreat. I hope places are still available.


With metta, thanks again,


Bob Birch.



Hi Kim,

Thank you for sending the photo :-) I think it's a nice one of everyone except myself! But I guess we never like photos of ourselves :-) I just wanted to thank you and the monks and other helpers for a very worthwhile experience. For me it was a good reminder and I learnt some things about myself as well. My Mum also got a lot out of it. As this week has gone on I've realised more and more how mindfulness is so important and also loving kindness :-) Kind regards Kim


Dear Kim,

I would like to express my thanks to you, Abbot Phra Mana, the monks and all helpers for your kindness and hospitality over the course of the meditation retreat.

My experience was profound and has stayed with me over the past few days. I have a renewed sense of purpose and depth in meditation practice, enlightened by Abbott Phra Mana’s wisdom, humour and insightful teachings. Since returning home I have made it a point to begin my practice by 'making a little smile’ :-) What a beautiful and simple way to fill one’s heart with loving kindness!

I’m also very grateful for the hard work put in to provide for all our physical needs, including the wonderful food. Many thanks to you and all the volunteers for these efforts!

In a couple of months my husband and I are moving to the US for a few years. i hope it may be possible to visit the monastery again before we go but if not, I will keep you all in my heart with gratitude and look forward to assisting with more practical support from time to time in appreciation for the wonderful work of the monastery.

With metta,






Thanks for having me. I hope to be there for a winter session, and friends are already asking about it.

I think it was all very well run. Smooth with no hic-ups and the food was great.

I definitely noticed a residual left-over effect from all the meditation and paddling out into the ocean Sunday afternoon felt amazing.

I guess I could make comments or recommendations but to be honest I think that those who seriously meditate or practice find truth for themselves anyway, and those that do not may be fortunate to witness the actions of those who do.

Hope to see you again this year.





Hi Kim

What a lovely photo!

A heartfelt thanks to Abbot Phra Mana, Lama Ken, Luang Po Sawar, Chok Dee, and Kim for inviting us in to your home for the weekend and personifying loving kindness. And thanks to the lovely volunteers who showed the power of love by giving us such delicious food and clean, comfortable accommodation.

I am so grateful to Abbot Phra Mana for his amazing teachings.  He explains difficult concepts so clearly and never, ever gives up on us, always finding a new angle. His gentle humour gives such a light touch to his teachings and helps me remember them with a smile. This retreat I gained a real understanding of the process of mindfulness meditation & loving kindness, how each step leads to the next one. And I've finally understood the concept of 'turning the dharma wheel'.

PS. don't apologise for the wild life, it's a Forest!

Love Lucy



Hello Kim, Monks & Volunteers

Thank you very much for a lovely and a much needed weekend. It was indeed truly relaxing. When I first discovered the retreat would be held in sacred silence, I wasn't so sure if I really wanted to attend. I love to talk and get to know new people, especially individuals I'll be spending the weekend with.

However, I pushed through my apprehension and was rewarded with a profound, deep inner-peace I have never known before. The silence turned out to be much easier than I thought it would and was actually very soothing. I was amazed at how quickly the "incessant voices" quieted in my mind just by becoming a still and silent witness to everything around me.

The environment You and everyone else created was socially safe. Our daily schedule was well-organized. The retreat was nicely balanced between the gentle meditation, tai chi and group dharma talks, while still leaving us some time to explore the beautiful property and squeeze in an occasional nap. The meals were nutritious and delicious, while eating in silence transformed my taste buds and awareness of what I was actually consuming to an entirely new level.

What impressed me the most though was the gentle leadership and pure inner joy that radiated from both yourself and volunteers at the entire retreat. Thank you for your encouragement to find the connection and truth that was pertinent to each of us as individuals on our own path of personal transformation. I will be visiting again.

Again thank you for your love and kindness.