4 - 6 Mar 2016 MINDFULNESS Weekend Meditation Retreat


In this digital age, everything changes so fast. To operate one's life without problems, one needs to be very mindful. In this weekend retreat, we will learn to develop stronger mindfulness and learn to apply different techniques of Buddhist meditation to solve different kinds of obstacles, and to remain active and peaceful.


Dear Everyone,

Thank you for your mindful participation in the March retreat.

Lovely to see our old friends and some new ones too.

Attached is the group photo and if someone has a better one please send to me.

Please let me know if you would like any explanation about Phra Mana’s teaching, the chanting or the Dhamma exhibits and I will do my best : )

Phra Mana’s final Dhamma talk/summary made reference to the 7 factors of Enlightenment, in the chanting book titled “Bojjangha” on page 62

Chanting Book also attached, so let me know if you would like any page numbers or help.

Our chanting for the weekend included Mangala Sutta (Blessings) page 53, Karinya Metta Sutta (Loving Kindness)Page 59, and Paticcasammupada (Dependent Origination)Page 89.

Thank you again for your wonderful work in the garden.

Remember to breathe mindfully : )

With metta,


Please click here for more photo in the weblink.

Hello everyone,

 It is so lovely to read these responses - thank you for sending them to everyone. 

 I too feel so nourished from my weekend with all of you. Kim, you do an amazing job coordinating everything. It is clear that you love what you do and it must be such a joy surrounded each day by people who are like-minded and happy in their life and contribution to our world. Volunteers - your menu is top notch! I've already tried to replicate the breakfast soup - not as good as yours but eating it at sunrise on Tuesday morning before heading off into a hectic working day, took me back to last Saturday morning. I'm more committed than ever before to eat whole foods mindfully!

 To the monks - it is an absolute privilege to have been with you, to learn from such pure and happy-hearted people. I am inspired to be more like you in my own life. This week already, my own students (9-10 years of age) have participated in walking meditation daily and each time we come together on the floor for me to teach, I ask them to sit mindfully in a meditative pose...they love it! It is a novelty at the moment but over time, I hope it simply becomes second nature as we calm our minds and concentrated on focused learning.

 In terms of my whole school - I am blessed to be working with a dynamic team of teachers, all committed to developing mindfulness in our students. From little things, big things grow. I am excited about the future of mindfulness in my school and being a part of your community contributes greatly to this goal.

 Thank you, thank you!

 I will certainly be back!

 Participants, it was so good for me to sit and walk silently amongst like-minded people. I hope I meet some of you again someday.  

Kind regards,


Dear Kim, monks and volunteers,

Many thanks for providing a wonderful and rewarding experience, and also for the fantastic food.

I would also like to thank my fellow participants for respecting that it was a silent retreat and not ruining it by talking.

It has been so hard to come back to a super busy life, but if nothing else it has helped me to focus on being mindful during activities such as walking and sitting in traffic!.

Many thanks,



Dear Kim, monks, volunteers and the participants, 

Every time I bring back home something valuable from the Sunnataram retreats. This time it was the big night sky :)  

And as for Prha Mana teaching even if I remember just one message "not to waste our breath - observe" that is enough to advance in cultivating  a mind. And there was so much more to learn and absorb.

So big thanks to all involved (especially the volunteers, Kim and the monks:) and hopefully see you there again. 

With metta, 



Dear Kim,

Thank you for your generous and kind support during our retreat time. I have enjoyed the whole process every aspect of it -Chanting, meditation to Dhamma talk and trying to applying as much as I can.

Best Regards



Dear Kim,

Thank you forwarding the chanting booklet and photo so promptly.

Paddy and I had much to reflect on during our drive home to South Gippsland.

What a valuable experience - kindness and wisdom in word and deed.

Thank you to all for your hard work and to Prah Mana for his gifted teaching.

Any chance of a Sunnataram Forest Monastery in Victoria any time soon??? 

With metta



Dear Mrs McSweeney 

I have enjoyed the March retreat very much.  Thank you to Phra Mana, the Sanga and your help during the retreat.and arranging transport for me back to Sydney.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu. 

I would like to register for the April 3rd to 6th (Easter Retreat)  Please advise if this is okay.  Thank you. 

With Metta




Dear Kim 

Thank you for the photo and the chanting book.  I had a weekend full of insights and new awakenings thanks to Pra Manha’s instruction and the food is always delicious.    I look forward to returning.

 Kind  regards



Thanks Kim

The retreat was very good for me and I am looking forward to the Anzac weekend 3 days. My on line application will follow soon.




Hi Kim, 

Thank you very much to you and the team for hosting the retreat. 

I had some great insights with Phra Mana's teachings again as usual. 

Thank you also for the chanting book. I'm going to try and maintain my practice until I get to the next retreat. 😀 

Warm regards,

Suji and Mum


Dear Kim, 

Thanks very much for the photo and the chanting book. 

With regard to Phra Mana's teaching over the weekend, one of the powerpoint slides shown on the 1st night showed the air flow from the nose to the body, am I able to have a copy of that slide, and what in particular did I need to learn from that slide? Is there any technique to refine the breath or breath more subtly?  

Also, can you recommend any books I can read to get details on "Dependent Origination" and "the 7 factors of Enlightenment"?

 Many thanks. 

Kind regards




Dear Kim, 

Many thanks for a wonderful retreat - it's hard to convey in an email just how helpful and inspiring the teachings and meditation are.  The monastery is a very special place, that's for sure... 

I was wondering if perhaps you had a document that lists the tai chi exercises?  I can remember some but not all and I'm sure I've got the order wrong.  If not no worries of course but if you do have one and could send it that would be lovely.  

Many thanks, 



Hi Kim
Thanks so much for sending the group photo and the book through. And heaps of thanks to the monks and all Sunnataram monastery family for giving us such blissful experience and knowledge.Cheers




Thank you Kim, 

I had a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you on ANZAC Day.