Vesak Retreat 22 - 28 May 2016

Vesak 2016 Retreat

Dear Kim,


Thank you for emailing the group photo. 


The Vesak retreat was so special and I'm so grateful that I could be part of it. Thanks for your encouragement many months ago to apply.


As always Phra Mana's sense of humour delighted me and facilitates understanding of the teachings. The private time on this retreat was very useful. It allowed for a depth to develop and a connection between teachings to happen, all it seemed without even thinking. Phra Mana's hard work in presenting the teachings with such clarity, truth and humour is appreciated. Thank you.


To LuongPo Sawat many thanks, for amongst several jobs you did to support us, you rose at 4am each and every freezing cold morning to build the outdoor fire, put the heating on so we could be warm. Thank you for quietly taking care of us behind the scenes.


Kim, your continuous hard work for us and the monastery done so graciously is a beautiful example. Thank you also for rising early so we could have steaming warm breakfast followed by the most tasty meals each and every day. Your support in all areas is appreciated and beyond words. 


My heartfelt thanks to all at Sunnataram especially the Thai volunteers who work so consistently hard for the benefit of others. So grateful, thank you.


It was good fortune indeed to be part of the eightfold team who were supportive, wise companions.

Now armed with good training techniques the battlefield is more easily managed for now.


Many thanks,





Right Lifestyle 

(Previously known as Maeve)



Dearest Kim,


Thanks for the photo and especially for all your support to make the retreat possible and for your very impressive care and cooking - I was so delighted by the delicious banquets you seemingly effortlessly graced us with - and your benevolent presence, warm soups in the cold and gentle singing despite your own physical discomfort were a balm.


Many many thanks also to Pra Mana and LuongPo - what a duo of energy and dedication they are - I felt as ever so deeply grateful for this retreat, Pra Mana’s teaching is so precious and clarifying and I feel I made progress and insight … I am so blessed to be so close to you all.


With Love Erica X



Hello Kim,


We spent a lovely evening with Virginia, we gave her your love and Phra Mana's.

We arrived back in Echuca Sunday evening. Graeme spent the night with us. We could show him the email of the photo of the group, which he thought was good!

A big thankyou to yourself Peter On Luong Por and the volunteers who helped to may this retreat so very beautiful. I must also say that your cooking Kim was so yum! I can't wait to test out your yummy omelette on my family! A huge thankyou to Phra Mana for his wonderful teachings. This retreat has been very inspiring and has helped to develop my personal practice on a deeper level.

Keep well and happy,

lots of love

Faye x


Hi Kim


Thank you for the photos. Each retreat was important development of my practice. This retreat was intensive yet enjoyable. Thank you for Phra Mana's teaching, Thank you for Loung Po's supporting. Thank you for you assistance.

I am already looking forward to next retreat.


Many thanks