9-12 June 2017 Queen's Birthday long weekend retreat

Queen's Birthday Long Weekend Retreat: Happiness is here & now.

Practise meditation to live in the present moment and enjoy the happiness of calmness and freedom. Never wait for tomorrow happiness, never yearn for yesterday happiness, it is always here and now. Don't miss the bus !

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Dear Everyone,

Here is the group photo, sorry for the shadows.

Thank you all for coming to the “happiness, here and now”, retreat.

Hoping you have arrived home safely and happily.

Thank you to all for your great effort to practice and your beautiful gardening and cleaning.

Hoping to see you all again soon, any Sunday for lunch and Dhamma talk or the next retreat.

We love to hear your feedback, and please feel free to ask for any clarification of the teachings over the weekend.

We will have more photos for you to see on our website during the week.

With loving kindness,




Thank you Kim! And many thanks to Phra Mana and the other monks, and the volunteers for their teaching and inspiration. I had never really meditated much before this weekend so this has been a great start, as well a lovely introduction to the Buddhist way of thinking. I had a great weekend and can't wait to come again soon. Also keen to have your tom yum again - delish!




Dear Kim,

Many thanks for the group photo. Unfortunately myself and Maria had to go back immediately before the photo.

My long weekend stay for the retreat is very very. Good, every Dhamma was clear and direct to what is important in life. I am sorry that my left leg and knee are not that fit for long walk but I am thankful that You allowed me to do my own walking /sitting meditation.

I am looking at my schedule as I plan to join again another retreat when I come back from overseas sometime in September.

Please convey my thanks to the Holy Monks , to everyone in the Monastery, you are. Indeed "Loving Kindness" in action.

 Warm regards,

Concepcion (Joy is my nick name)


Hi Kim

 Just wanted to take a moment to say I had a lovely time on the retreat. 

 I really appreciated how well planned the timetable and sessions were. 

 Prah Mana and Prah Ek's talks were very insightful and I really enjoyed the thoughtfulness they put into explaining deep concepts. 

 The smoothness and comfort I experienced throughout the long weekend, and the beautiful grounds, would not have been possible without all the 'behind the scenes' help, so it's very touching the monastery has been able to build and maintain a wonderful community of helpers - I take it as sign of the loving and positive energy the place generates! 

 I'm keen to find time to visit again! 

 Thank you.

 Kind regards





 Firstly I wanted to apologies again for having to leave on the Sunday. I was hoping to speak to you before I left but I hope the note made sense. I was really sorry to have to leave.


Secondly I wanted to thank you and the monks for an incredible experience. To say I feel blessed to have been there is an understatement. My perspective has been changed and I have made some immediate positive changes to my lifestyle.


Finally a little story. On my way back through Bundanoon, I took a wrong turn and found myself at a sign for Erin Coal Mine walk. I decided I had time to go for a walking meditation alone. I had the most amazing hour, finding myself able to be mindful and appreciate the beauty of the walk in a way I wouldn’t have done before the retreat. At about 11 I stopped to enjoy the silence and the sun on my face, and to appreciate the journey I had been on over the weekend. As I was feeling a real inner peace I heard the bells ringing from the monastery! It was a breathtaking moment and I felt a validation that I had been through a lifechanging experience.


Thank you again. You do an amazing job and in a wonderful place.




Dear Kim, and Monks, and volunteers  all,

 Thank you so much for the fabulous retreat once again. Such a beauriful way to refuel 'the spiritual tank'.

  Also, I know that Pra Mana was concerned about the ladies' comfort in the train. I can say for me and other I heard (speaking softly:)  that it was a great alternative to the female dorm. We all appreciated the obvious love that you put in giving such a lovely athmosphere. Despite the lack of toilet nearby it is a very pleasant place were to lodge.


 Hope to see you at the October long weekend. All the best,




Dear Kim,

 Once again, many thanks to you, the Venerable Phra Mana, Luang Pho Sawat, Phra Ek, Peter and all the volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make this retreat so smooth-running and enjoyable.

 Phra Mana’s dhamma talks were, as ever, inspiring. His ability to combine humour, infinite knowledge and compassion are unmatched. I learn something new every time to take away and try to apply in my practice.

 Luang Po Sawat’s gentle and happy presence is always a pleasure.

 Peter brings the same qualities when he leads us in tai chi, meditation, chanting and walking meditation.

 The volunteers in the kitchen provide us with the best Thai vegetarian food I have ever tasted. They are brilliant! Thanks too to the local Buddhist community who visit at weekends with even more yummy food.

 And Kim, without your wonderful efforts at organising the retreats I don’t know where we would be. (Just please don’t divulge the presence of the “divine” hut you assigned me to!)

 So, yes, this retreat lived up to its title of “Happiness Here and Now”, and gave us so much to take away into the future.

 Thanks again,