Easter 14-17 Apr 2017 Retreat

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Hi Kim

 Thank you for another wonderful retreat at the Sunnataram Forest Monastery.

 I have offered a review on your FB page.

 Would it be possible to send me a copy of the 10 chackles info sheet that was displayed on the notice board. I found the Dhammas very useful but will need to refresh my memory on these profound teachings.

 Kind Regards



Dear Kim,

 Please convey my thanks to all at Sunnataram for a rewarding (if at times challenging) retreat.

 I look forward to the next installment.

 Best wishes, love and Metta,



Hi Kim

 A big thank you to Pra Mana once again for his incredible teachings. We will be back again soon!

 Thanks again


Hi Kim,

 Thanks again for everything. It was a wonderful retreat and Prah Mana's teaching was fabulous. He mentioned that you would be able to send on a PDF that condenses the main themes - is that possible?

 Also, I think it is unlikely that I would be able to get the time off work, but just wondering if there are many spaces left in next month's Vesak retreat?

 Warm regards



Hi Kim

 Totally enjoyed the retreat, what wonderful weather we had!  

 Pra Mana mentioned that you were in a position to email me the sheet on defilements etc, that was on the window today?  I would really appreciate that.

 Thank you

 Warm regards