Feb 3 - 5 2017 Retreat

Loving-kindness is the unconditional love which helps to make ourselves and others to be happy. The pure love springs out from the purity of heart like a crystal clear fountain on the hard rock. People will learn how to practise calmness and Vipassana meditation to produce the peaceful love and be happy.

Dear Everyone,

Thank you all for participating in our Power of Love weekend retreat.

Venerable Phra Mana, LuongPo Sawat, Peter, all the volunteers and I hope you had a very happy and fruitful weekend.

We hope you all return home with new skills to support your work and family life.

Please send me an email if you would like further explanation of the teachings, a copy of our chanting book or any other queries.

We look forward to seeing you again.

With metta,


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Dear Kim,

Thank you very much, I had a lovely time and have come away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and even a little liberated :-)

Thank you,




Good morning dear Kim 

Thank you and everyone for support ! 

Could you please send me a chanting book? 

All the best to your daughter. Have a safe trip 

With love 



 Thank you so much Kim for organising this wonderful and so so valuable weekend retreat. My sincere thank you to venerable Phra Mana for his teachings, great humour and welcoming us whole-heartedly . The volunteers did an exceptional job, the food was delicious! I treasure my time at the Sunnataram Monastery!  

Please say hello to ChockDee he is the sweetest little being 

Sadhu Sadhu, Sadhu J 

Thank you, wishing you all a safe and pleasant trip 



Hi Kim,

On behalf on me and my mum, I'd like to say a big thank you to Phra Mana, yourself, Peter and all the volunteers for making the retreat possible. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience the loving kindness and peaceful bliss of the monastery.

I hope all goes well tomorrow with your daughter. We will be thinking of you and sending our positive energy and merit your way.

Take care and we'll b seeing u in the near future.

Warm regards
Sally and Kathleen


Hello kim.

 Firstly would like to give many thanks to yourself the monks and volunteers. 

 It was a special weekend and one of many teachings.

 I am looking forward to attending another retreat in the near future.

 Congratulations on your award and may you all have a safe journey to Thailand.




Thank you Phra Mana, Kim, Peter and the wonderful volunteers,

 I left some of my business cards in the donation box in case you ever feel the need for a treatment and are in the Bondi area,

 Much love and blessings and hope to come back at Easter or may,

 Have a great trip to Thailand 

Kind regards,  




Hi Kim,

Thank you for posting the group photo and many thanks to the Venerable Phra Mana, LuangPo Sawat, yourself, Peter and all the other amazing volunteers for making the weekend such a rich and enjoyable experience. It was good for the soul (oops! there I go, slipping into old thought patterns - no, it was so good for the mind and body).

I wish you and the monks a safe, rewarding and enjoyable visit to Thailand for the Magha Puja celebrations. And congratulations again to you for the richly-deserved award which you will receive.

Looking forward to the next retreat.

With Metta,