The Gratitude Day 22 Mar 2017

Sunnataram Forest Monastery, on behalf of Thai Sangha, Thai Government and Thai Communities in Australia would like to invite Venerable monks and nuns from all Buddhist traditions in Australia to receive a gift: a token of our gratitude and respect on Wed 22nd March 2017 commencing at 10:30 AM till 2:00 PM at our monastery. We still remember, and feel deeply touched by all venerables' unconditional love and support to offer blessings and chanting to the most beloved King Bhumibol of Thailand on 17th October 2016 at Tumbalong park and / or at your own temples. The most Venerable Phra Dhammajediyajahn, Abbot of Wat Phra Srimahatat, Bangkok will represent the Head Monk of Thailand to perform this special ceremony of thanks. Please extend our invitation to your Sangha members and your devotees. With Metta and respect, Venerable Phra Mana Viriyarampo Abbot