Thurs 13 Apr 17 the monastery was robbed

On Thursday 13 April 2017 - Songran festival- the New Year day of many countries in SE Asia at 3-4 PM, while the monks and volunteers were working in preparation for the Easter retreat commencing on the next day, this man went into many buildings, and money in donation boxes disappeared.

Age: Early forties and short hair cut

Character: Polite, but not sophisticated.

Dresses: Like travelling salesman, very tidy appearance, not labourer.


This is the fourth time that our monastery has been robbed in the past few years. But it is the first time we have a photo and vdo footage from CCTV.  

Anyone sees him, please ask him to contact S/C Amy Finch, Bowral Police Station Tel.02-48629299. Case # E64419764