14-16 Sept 2018 Heart Blossum Retreat

Weekend Meditation Retreat: Heart Blossom

Spring is in the air. Garden beds are already to bloom. Enjoy the beautiful and peaceful in Dhamma study and meditation.


Dear Everyone,

Thank you for your participation in this weekend’s Heart Blossom Retreat.

Venerable Phra Mana, the other monks, volunteers and I hope you have all had a very positive experience,

and also enjoyed the beginning of spring blossoming in the gardens.

If anyone has enjoyed the chanting and would like a copy for further study, please let me know.

Or if you have any queries about the teachings please feel free to write.

If you forgot to make a donation please do so to our ANZ account on website

Looking forward to seeing you all again.

With metta,


Please click here to see more photos in google drive


Dear Kim, Phra Mana and the rest of the monks and volunteers,


Firstly, please find my transaction receipt below for the cost of the retreat in addition to money for a plant.


Thank you so much for creating and sharing your monastery. This weekend provided me with some much needed time and space.


I feel incredibly grateful for the delicious food, kind smiles and generous teachings.


Thank you all,



Hi Kim,


Thank you so much for that, I love the photos! :) I'd love a copy of the chanting, I'd like to continue it.


I'm looking forward to coming along again.


Thank you to Phra Mana, yourself, the monks and volunteers.


Blessings and kind regards,



Hi Kim

Thank you for the photo’s and thank you all for a wonderful retreat. 

Phra Mana teachings were very insightful and inspirational yet again!

 I am very grateful to be able to attend Sunnataram Monastery Retreats and Look forward to the next one. 

Kind Regards 



Thanks Kim and team for the great organization! It was a wonderful, potentially life changing experience. 

It was a wonderful experience.

Thank you


Really enjoyed the chanting and would appreciate a copy. Thanks

 Is it ok to enroll in the next retreat too?


 Mark (Mirko)


Thank you so much Kim, I am feeling a big change this time! Will keep up the work!

 Kind regards,


Hi Kim

As I said to you yesterday I really loved this retreat - For me it was the best one to date as I have a better understanding of the chants and my meditation was very peaceful. I also achieved a really good visualization of heart blossom.

Please thank Venerable Phra Mana and everyone so very much for their wisdom and kindness.

Thankyou very much to yourself as well Kim for all that you do. It's very much appreciated.

Best wishes



Dear Kim

 Thank you so much for another beautiful retreat, with so much to think about from Phra Mana , who has bought yet another dimension into my meditation practise. It was also such a joy to see the garden coming to life and all your hard work visible in the hundreds of buds coming into blossom. What an amazing place to be allowed to visit, thank you to all the monks for allowing us to share in the community. We are so lucky.

I also thought the food was just delicious, we were so well looked after by the volunteer cooks, and thank you to Peter for the wonderful Tai Chi.


I am already planning my next visit.


Until then, you will hear from me with occasional notes about our Canberra Friends of SFM. We are very excited to welcome Emad to the group following the retreat.


With metta and sincere thanks once again.