17-19 Aug 2018 Retreat

Enlightenment is practical and achievable when we learn to cultivate the right qualities within us. This weekend we will practise sitting & walking meditation and listening the Dhamma talk of these seven steps towards inner peace.



Dear Everyone,


Thank you for your mindfulness and effort to participate in the freezing cold Seven Factors of Enlightenment Retreat.

The practice of Mindfulness on breathing is the cultivation of these 7 qualities.

So every time we are mindful of the breath, we are perfecting the other factors.

Maintain our right conditions and factors in order to preserve our effort, Acknowledge the feeling of being satisfied as joy, then relax, calmness.

When the mind is progressing well on the path to both calmness and vipassana meditation, we are practising equanimity, which means, we don’t need to interrupt it, but be ready to improve.

Eventually, the working of these seven factors will prevent us from turning into “Wolfman”.


Seven Factors of Enlightenment: Mindfulness, Analysis and Selection, Effort, Joy, Relax, Concentration, Equanimity.


Please let me know if you would like a copy of our chanting or any Dhamma questions answered.


We hope you continue mindfully and peacefully with your practice, and that we see you again very soon.


With metta,


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