2-4 Feb 2018 weekend retreat the power of Metta

The First Weekend Meditation Retreat of 2018: The Power of Metta (Unconditional Love)

Metta is the beginning of the path towards Liberation. Love always brings happiness to both recievers and givers. Learn to practise mindfulness, calmness and wisdom, so we can maintain our unconditional love towards oneself and others endlessly.

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for your mindful participation in the first retreat of 2018 at Sunnataram Forest Monastery.

We hope you have all had a very peaceful time, a safe trip home and now have some new skills and tactics to develop the Power of Love this year.

Please let me know if you would like a copy of the chanting, or clarification of any of the teachings.

Please feel free to come back to SFM any Sunday for yummy lunch and Dhamma talk, either alone or with your friends and family.

No need to book, just arrive by 11am

Do not skip your Plan A of happiness, but try to cultivate Plan B, calmness and peacefulness.

Then you will know it is not too difficult to let go of attachment and expectation.

The mundane world is up and down, but the supra mundane world is peacefulness of mind.

Enjoy both worlds

I have attached the group photo and hope to hear back about your comments or experience.

Venerables Phra Mana, LuongPo Sawat, Phra Maha Wichai, the volunteers and I look forward to seeing you all again.

With metta,



Please click here to see more photos in google drive

Feedbacks of the retreat

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much. I had an amazing time. Phra Mana is so wise, such a good communicator and so real. I loved every moment ... please pass on a special thank you to your volunteers in the kitchen. They are hero’s one and all ... as are you.

 Love to all 



Hi Kim and all at Sunnatarum,

 Thank you again for a wonderful retreat. As always the learnings were fulfilling and from unexpected areas 😊

 Please thank Phra Mana for referring to my question. Perhaps this can be revisited in more depth at another time. My journey on this path is very new and I continue to learn. 

 On a more mundane note, 😊 please book me in for the Easter retreat, I will also try to come down the weekend before to use my Super Rake 😊

 Metta loving kindness 😊



Hello Kim,

Thank you so much once again for the retreat. It is always so valuable and precious words of wisdom by Phra Mana, it is life changing!

I'd like you to pass my deep gratitude to him in special 😊 Sorry once again we had to leave earlier, however, it is the way it is 😉 

 Until we meet again,

Much Meta,

Marcia xx


Hi Kim

I  found this retreat to be the best so far for me (I think this is my 4th) - maybe because I am understanding the concepts more , but it was truly inspirational and I experienced a real sense of calm.

Thankyou so much to everyone who made it possible especially yourself and particularly to Venerables Phra Mana, LuongPo Sawat and Phra Maha Wichai, 

 The food was delicious and the accommodation great. I managed to get a low bed in the dormitory so that was such a relief as my knees are not the best.

Can you please confirm that I am booked in to the March retreat. You originally confirmed 28/11/17. Thankyou so much Kim

 Best wishes Helen  


Hi Kim,

 Thank you so much for a life changing retreat!

I still cannot put into words the amazing experience I have had, and the absolute joy I have received in the presence of the Monks.

I am truly liberated and so inspired to spread the peace and joy!

 I really wanted to have some small reminders of my wonderful time at the Monastery!

 I will definitely be back!  And I have spread the word, so that others can enjoy the journey!

 Many many thanks for such a memorable and life changing weekend!

 Much love and light to you all

 Kind regards



Dear Kim

 A very big thank you to all of you at the monastery. Such a privilege to spend even just a weekend there though do expect me back. Next time it will be with my husband and children, they too are on the Dharma path no doubt.

 All the very best and a special thank you to you. I expect you are developing the patience of a saint what with all the logistics you have to manage and all the whooha that goes with such an event.

 With much metta,



Hi Kim.

Thankyou so much I really enjoyed it and want to come back. I am interested in attending the July weekend retreat.  I attempted to book online but had trouble submitting.  Should I just try again later as the dates get closer or could you take the booking now? Remember i am the snorer who kept most people awake so i would appreciate my own cabin if available. Once again thankyou and I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience. Carolyn

 Dearest Kim

 Thank you so much sending the photo from the retreat. 

 The last weekend has been one of the most memorable weekends of our lives! My Mum and my husband Stephen absolutely loved every minute of the weekend. We left with heavy hearts and are yearning to make it to the next one in March. 

 And the monks - So wise, yet so humble and approachable and imparting timeless wisdom with a great dose of humour! :)

 We’d love to bring visit the Monasty on one of the Sundays and would LOVE to cook something for the monks. 

  Looking forward to seeing you and the monk again soon.

 Lots of metta :)

Vidya, Nalini and Stephen 



Thank you Kim,

 The February retreat was such a wonderful, educational and uplifting experience – thank you!

 Yes please, to your offer to send a copy of the chanting.

 Also, I understand the March retreat is already fully booked, however I’m very interested in being placed on a waitlist – I did already book online for March, so I’m guessing there’s no need to do so again.

 My great thanks and appreciation to you all.

 Claire : )


Hi Kim,

 Thank you so much for the weekend. It was absolutely phenomenal and Phra Mana is now one of my absolute favourite teachers. I'd love to sign up for the Easter retreat. Do I still need to fill the form? :)

PS. if there spaces become available for the 2-4 March, please let me know.

 Kind regards




Hi Kim

 Thanks again to you, venerables Phra Mana, LuongPo Sawat, Phra Maha Wichai and the volunteers.

 It was a very insightful and restful retreat. As a result I’m practicing more meditation and calmness as a which is very peaceful and enjoyable.

 I will endeavour to bring my family for lunch sometime. And looking forward to making the retreat an annual experience.

 Until next time, all the very best.

 Warmest regards,


Dear Kim,


Apologies for not writing sooner and expressing my gratitude and appreciation for the recent ever-wonderful retreat.


My thanks to you, Phra Mana, Luang Po Sawat, Phra Maha (particularly for his brave talk in English), Peter and ALL the volunteers, both in the kitchen and behind the scenes.


As always, I came away refreshed, rejuvenated in my practice and with some fresh intellectual challenges.


I would be grateful if you could reserve me a place on the Easter long weekend retreat. And, if possible, a lift from the station on Friday afternoon.


Best wishes, with metta,