20-22 Jul 2018 Weekend Retreat

Awareness & Compassion

Love brings happiness, but compassion helps to remove troulbes away from all of us. Let's learn how the combination of mindfulness and wisdom can help us to find peace and to promote compassion at the same time.


Dear Everyone,

 Thank you for being a part of the Awareness and Compassion Retreat.

Thank you for enduring the freezing temperatures and for many helping hands during the afternoon working bee.

We are practising Dhamma to rescue our own consciousness from the cave of samsara.

Consciousness will transform to be Mindfulness, Awareness, Wisdom, Liberation and Inner Peace.

Don’t forget to repeat our practise of mindfulness and wisdom regularly.

Every time the consciousness realizes the truth, we gain freedom, little by little.

 With Metta,


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Hi Kim

I just want to say thankyou so much  for the retreat. I have felt really calm and grounded since and feel much more mindful.

I also passed on to my daughter some information that Venerable Phra Mana had said about  forgiveness and it really resonated with her. So thankyou very much from her as well

Best wishes



Hi Kim


Thank you so much for giving us such a memorable weekend. Every time I come there, I realise how much I need this and how much I’ve missed it from my life. 


For fear of sounding judgemental, working in the eastern suburbs, I am often surrounded by “meditation gurus” who’ve just finished a weekend retreat themselves and become meditation teachers the next day! 


It is so humbling to see and hear from the monks who live their talk authentically. As Phra mana mentioned in his talk, when consciousness discovers the inner truth, it falls in love with the truth. I wish everyone could listen to Phra mana and see for themselves what is true and what isn’t.


I really feel so lucky to have discovered the monastery and this weekend couldn’t have come at a better time to recharge myself before our  shop in Bondi beach starts. 


Thank you so much once again. 


And it would be absolute honour to have you and the monks at our Bronte store someday. The address is 263 Bronte Road, Waverley. 


Lots of Metta 


Thank you for organising another wonderful retreat.


Kind Regards




Thank you Kim, 


It was an amazing experience. I'm keen to bring a few friends down for the next one. 


Also, would you mind emailing a soft copy of the hymn book please? 


Thank you!



Dear Kim, 


Such thanks to the Monks, to you and the volunteer cooks. The retreat has literally changed my life: from a frazzled, overwhelmed mother of two, to someone again able to enjoy the beautiful moments in life. 

Many thanks again and I will book into another retreat again soon. 



Thanks so much to you, Phra Mana, Phra Khru Su and Peter all the volunteers for turning this freezing weekend into one full of love, warmth and insights


I'm so inspired by all of your generosity and it has definitely reminded me to do more for others. I will definitely continue to practise mindfulness and wisdom 


Hope to be back soon :)


With metta,



 Thanks to all for a wonderful weekend!



Thank you Kim!