Labor Day Long Weekend Meditation Retreat 28 Sept-1 Oct 2018


Awakening in the garden

 The Buddha was born in the garden, attained Enlightenment in the garden, taught in the garden and passed away in the garden. Let us enjoy the practise of sitting & walking meditation in the monastery gardens and experience how the calming power of nature enabled the Buddha to attain Inner Peace 2600 years ago.

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Dear Kim
Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful retreat!
Phra Ajahn Mana’s teaching are so profound and clear. His explanation on how to establish calmness and then go further to gain insight into impermanence and then no-self really worked for me. I also appreciate his practical advice on how to incorporate the teachings into daily life. In particular using beautiful sights and sounds as a brick wall to bounce me back into mindfulness.
Thank you also to Peter for his patience in leading the chanting and the tai chi.
Thank you to the kitchen staff for the delicious, healthy food which appeared just when we needed it.
Thank you to the monks, young and old for being inspiring examples. Great to see the 200% increase in the number of monks since my last visit!  
And a special thanks to the monks and volunteers for the solar powered electric blanket! Blissfully cosy!!
Thank you to Chockdee, the wombats, wallabies, peacock, parrots and other birds for showing us how to live in the moment.
Kim, I’m thinking I’d like to come to the end of year retreat. Do you know when bookings will be open?