Feb 17th -19th 2023 : The Power of Love Meditation Retreat

Brief Summary of Feb 2023 Retreat: the Power of Love

In this retreat, we learn to use loving-kindness meditation to establish the foundation of the mind- calmness and happiness.

Then we use this calm and happy mind to practice Vipassana meditation, observing the breath, feelings and thought as we are breathing in and out. We learn to use several Mantras to guide the mind to focus on various experiences from calmness to realization.

For concentration meditation, our Mantra is ‘Happy in & Happy out’.

But we know that calmness of mind is like a pain killer, it just stops the problem in our mind temporarily.

So we proceed to gain wisdom by the practice of Insight meditation.

When we practice Vipassana meditation, we acknowledge the true nature of the breath, feelings and thoughts, and our Mantras are ‘Change’, ‘Impermanent’, ‘Not mine’, ‘No owner’, ‘Depend..’, and ‘Just…’ according to the subjects that we are observing.

The flow of breath will indicate the level of realization to the truth. The refine breath shows the clearer understanding of impermanence and non- self of both body and mind. The smooth breath implies the gradual decline of emotional pain, expectation and attachment in life. We will experience a blissful happiness- inner peace.

This peaceful and happy mind will produce love by itself. This is how we learn to build the power of love, and we can use it to bring happiness to ourselves and to the world.

The practice is not too difficult and not too far to reach. It just sits on top of our nose !