Retreat 29 sept - 2 oct 2023

Phra Mana, the monks and volunteers wish to thank you for joining the Reinvogorating the Mind Retreat.

Also a big thank you for your kind help in the garden and other monastery work.

Everywhere in the monastery looks reinvigorated too, and the gardens continue to bloom this afternoon.

We all hope you have gained new insight and inspiration from the teachings this weekend.

We would be delighted to hear your feedback and we can send through the Chanting Book for anyone who would like a copy.

Please find attached group photo and there will be more photos on the website in the next week or so.

With metta,



Dear Kim,

Hope you are doing well.

Thank you for the beautiful group photo.

Staying in the monastery and listening to the words of wisdom from Phra Mana was an amazing experience. Loved every moment of it.

Morning Tai chi session, walking meditation and afternoon outdoor meditation amongst the pure nature, beautiful trees, cool breeze and chirping birds was just amazing.

Can not express the joy of  chanting mantras in Pali Language which felt so familiar.

Cleaning toilets and garden was very satisfying. Over all it was five  retreat.

Please convey my deepest gratitude to Phra Mana His passion to teach and impart spiritual knowledge is examplary

Please email me the book of chanting and also if I may request a photo of the framed chart of Values  in ladies toilet near the middle mirror Please 

I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you do to organise these amazing retreat.

God bless you!

Hope to see you soon.

Kind regards


Thanks so much Kim,


It was a great weekend. 


Many thanks for organising this. Thank you especially to Phra Mana for his teachings and leading by example, to all the monks for setting the ambience and guiding us through a peaceful and enriching retreat and to the volunteers for the nourishing and tasty meals.

 Also thanks to Kevin for giving me a lift from the train station  and doing a lot of the day-to-day organising too.

 I would like to return for another weekend retreat. From the website, it looks like you are now booked out for the rest of this year. So, I will await the list of retreats available in 2024.

 Kind regards and again thank you.


Wonderful to see life helping life. Lots of gratitude for all. This retreat was a Beautiful reminder of the practice with many wonderful new insights. Thank you to Phra mana, monks and volunteers for their continued effort in sharing these teachings and helping provide the right conditions for a peaceful practice. 


Dear Kim

Just letting you know how much I enjoyed the retreat!  I learnt such a lot and absorbed the calm, all of which I have embraced.  Phra Mana is quite unique - I am in awe of his wisdom and teaching.  I particularly love the unpretentious atmosphere of the monastery. I haven’t tried any other retreats in Australia, but I can’t imagine finding the same or better atmosphere anywhere else.  So I’ll keep coming back.

Love Vivi

Hi Kim,


I want to say thank you, to you, the monks and volunteers who have made this retreat happen. It was a wonderful experience with deep insights and I gained more strength, energy and motivation for my journey. I’m beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of the experience and I’m looking forward to seeing you all again. 

Can you please send me the chanting book as well? Thank you 


Kind regards,