Retreat Jul 7-9 2023

The Enlightened Mind is like a water drop on lotus leaf


Dear Everyone,

Thank you for participating in this weekend's windy July retreat.
Many apologies for the cold and any inconvenience.
Phra Mana, LuongPor Sawat and all volunteers hope you have had a joyful and beneficial experience. We especially hope you have gained new found skills to take home to your families, friends and workplace, now that you know how to make the mind "Like a Water Drop on Lotus Leaf"
We would love to see everyone come back to visit any Sunday at 10am for Dhamma talk and peaceful vibration/meditation (please email to let us know so that we have enough yummy food for you)
Please find attached group photo and let me know if anyone would like a soft copy of the Chanting Book.
We love to hear your feedback so please email any thoughts, experiences or recommendations.
with metta,

Dear Kim,

Firstly, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional dedication in organizing the recent retreat. The sessions were truly enriching, and I personally found great value in the profound teachings taught by Pra Mana. It was an experience that will resonate with me for a long time.

To contribute to the monastery's future retreats and assist with general expenses, I have made an additional contribution of $100. While it may not be a substantial amount, I believe that it will contribute to a noble cause and support the continuation of such transformative experiences....
Once again, I extend my sincere appreciation for your tireless efforts and for creating an environment that allowed us to grow spiritually. May the monastery continue to thrive and touch the lives of many more individuals seeking inner peace.

With warm regards


Hi Kim,
Thanks again for squeezing me in and for providing me the opportunity to be part of another wonderful retreat. Im grateful for Prah Mana, yourself and the other amazing volunteers who made it possible.

Could you please email me a copy of the chanting book 🙏

When the time arises, I’d love to volunteer and be apart of the process in building the new accomodation huts and other projects. Please let me know how and when I can be of assistance.

If you ever need an extra volunteer on a retreat weekend to prepare and cleanup, I’m also happy to contribute where I can.





Hi Kim,




I am so grateful for this amazing eye opening experience! Everything was perfect, even the cond and the wind, it certainly helped to practice the acceptance that everything is impermanent and try to enjoy and grasp every moment. 


I was listening to Phra Mana literally with an open mouth, the way he explained some of the principles of Buddhism and meditation techniques and benefits using simple language and simple analogies was just amazing. 


I learned quite a lot about Buddhism, about myself. But also I understand I just touched the surface, there is so much more there to understand and discover.


I would love to come back and not just once.






Please share a copy of the Chanting Book with me.


Also I know that everything is fully booked until the end of the year but could you please put me in the waiting list for December if possible?




Thank you again for the wonderful weekend, amazing food and overall experience!