Retreat Jun 9-12 2023

Life is like the big snow ball

Dear Everyone,
Thank you for being a part of the June long weekend retreat.
We all enjoyed beautiful winter weather, mindful breathing, exercise and meditation while learning new techniques to support our busy, worldly lives.
Venerable Phra Mana and all volunteers hope you enjoyed the teachings, gentle reminders and yummy food.
Don't forget to feed that cute barking dog and remind ourselves in every breath.
Please find attached the group photo and the Chanting Book.
Please send your feedback or observations of the retreat, and feel free to ask any questions about the Chanting Book or teachings.
We all hope to see you all back for a Sunday top up of peace and calmness in the monastery, and hopefully another retreat soon.
With metta,

Thank you so much for the retreat on the weekend. What you do is so important and valuable, plus you make it fun, interesting and practical for everyone. I just made myself a "happy coffee" :) I can't think of anything that I would change about the retreat! 

I would love to bring my family one Sunday, we will sort out a weekend that suits our schedule.

Also big thank you to the volunteers and Kevin, such yummy food and happy faces!


Thank you again, 



Many thanks for this Kim. 

I loved it all. I will sign up for the next one when you open up the 2024 dates. ..The extra night makes all the difference! 

Thanks for having me

Kind regards 



Hi Kim,
Thanks again to you and Phra Mana for such an amazing retreat. It has helped me enormously in my eternal quest to calm down!


Hi Kim,


Thanks for sending us through the photos. I very much enjoyed the retreat, it was nice to feel refreshed in a calm environment.



I am grateful for the retreat experience and the Buddha teachings provided by Phra Mana, thank you!


Dear Kim,

Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the retreat  and I feel like I’m going back to life with a new perspective. Feeling rejuvenated and more mindful. 


Marie Isabelle