Retreat 16-18 Feb 2024

Dear Everyone, 

Thank you for joining the Power of Love retreat.

Venerable Phra Mana and all volunteers hope that you have gained new insights and tools to help navigate your family and working life.

We hope you have a new understanding of the concept of Non Self, which means the most brilliant light of awakened Consciousness.

The wrong understanding of I, Me, Mine is now replaced by 100% mindfulness, calmness and wisdom.

We can now recognise the beauty of no attachment.

So the word voidness of self does not mean the loss of feeling, but perfect peace.

The cassation of ignorance means the maximum or highest Wisdom.


Please feel free to send us your feedback and also let me know if you would like a copy of our chanting Book to maintain your awakening momentum.

With metta,


Please click here to see more photos in google drive

Dear Kim,


Thank you for your email, it summarises well the benefits we take away from the wisdom of Venerable Phra Mana this weekend. A special thank you to you Kevin and your team of volunteers for the work you put in in having such a large number of us.  I look forward to attending another retreat later in the year, and some Sunday visits. 


I'd love a copy of the Chanting book. Please let me know when available.


Thank you again.





Hi Kim,


Thanks again to you and the volunteers (and Kevin) for supporting us to really immerse ourselves in the retreat - we are full of ‘quiet fire’ after the weekend and feel like it really has set off a spark that will not go out. 


A huge thank you to Phra Mana too - please pass on our love and appreciation for the lifetime of work he has made to translate such a deep learning into such an accessible and enticing way - with every peel of laughter his message stuck just that much stronger - what a wise and wonderful teacher! 


We would love an ecopy of the book.


And all the best for you next week - we are sure with all the kind thoughts coming to you all will go well - we send you our kind thoughts too. 


And whenever works when you are back we would love to get the details of the monk you mentioned in Bangkok and the others you mentioned. But you have a lot on your plate so will just reach out again in a little bit.


Thank you again - we have experienced exactly what everyone associated with the monastery has hoped.


Warm regards


simon and simone 


Nice to be silent with you all this weekend.


Would have been great to debrief with all of you.


Made it back to Sydney so thank you @Louise 


And what a beautiful experience, thank you Kim & Kevin for organising!- is it possible to get a copy of the book? Where will the pics be?



Many thanks


Natasha xx