Retreat 7-10 June 2024

Feedback 7-10 June 2024 Retreat

Dear Everyone, 

Thank you for being a part of this lovely long weekend retreat.

Despite an uncertain and challenging start, the weather and the teachings gave us the chance to enjoy a very peaceful few days exploring the Dhamma.

We hope some questions have been answered for you and some inspiration will bring you back to practice meditation in the near future.

Thank you all for your wonderful work during compassion hour to keep the monastery beautiful and welcoming for all.

Attached is the group photo, and we would love to hear any feedback you have from the retreat.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

with metta,




Thanks so much for another beautiful retreat Kim. I've just posted the following on Google reviews :)

Just came back from my third retreat here
- Prad Mana is one of the best teachers - he explains complex concepts in simple ways through many creative demonstrations and analogies. I really like the way he thinks deeply on how mindfulness, history,  cultures, the economy, politics and human nature all interrelate. And it seems like he's constantly exploring and sharing. He cares most about helping us better our practise rather than any blind reverence of teachers, teachings or rules. And he's really funny! One of the best teachers and we're so lucky to have him here.

- Kim is a kind powerhouse! She's the pillars of these beautiful loving house of knowledge and community. Everything seems to run so effortlessly because she organised so much behind the scenes. She also deals with all the tricky situations and I love learning from how she does it. She really is a second great teacher of the monastery.

- The volunteers are amazing. They travel all this way to cook for us so we can focus on learning and practising. The food is so so so delicious and made with so much love. So grateful to be the recipient of their kindness, talent and hard work.

- there's probably so many other people behind the scenes that we don't get to meet that makes this place possible. So grateful for their contributions so that we can spread more mindfulness and loving kindness!


Dear Kim,


Heartfelt thanks to you, Phra Mana and the volunteers for all the hard work in letting us to enjoy and treasure another amazing long weekend June 2024 winter retreat.  


I am so happy to see so many young people joining the retreat too!


Love the way Phra Mana teaches literally carrying the ‘red door’ , the container and the big tray of consciousness to drive the point home. 


Hope to see you all again sometime in the near future. 


Hi Kim,


Really can't thank you all enough for such an amazing experience and hospitality. Just wow!


Would it please be possible to make a reservation for myself for the October long weekend retreat on 4th-7th October? 


Many thanks again and will be in touch soon.



Hopefully I can join October Retreat too and learn these practices in more depth.With heart full of gratitude I really appreciate all the love,care and knowledge I received from you, our volunteers and Pramananda teacher.I have returned as a calm person now so thank u so much for having me in and giving me this precious opportunity.I received it when I needed it most in my life.Your magic “ boots” contributed to have my mindful sitting meditation.Trying not to have any emotional attachment but definitely nostalgic of the whole monastery vibes and practices.Thank u again


Kind Regards,


Will continue to breathe mindfully and peacefully