Retreat May 17-19 2024

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Dear Everyone,

Thank you for participating in our joyful, but challenging vesak Enlightenment Retreat. Thank you for so many questions to help us all understand more deeply the teachings of Paticasammupada (12 Links of Dependent Origination) and Anatta Lakahana (Non Self Characteristic) and Anapanasati (16 Steps of Mindful Breathing)
Ven. Phra Mana explained the many aspects and difficulties in Letting Go of Attachment, without letting go of our obligations and duties, so hopefully we can now work towards a more peaceful life, for ourselves, our families and our friends and colleagues.
We hope to see you back in the monastery for more teachings at retreat, or just for a Sunday Dhamma talk and nourishing Thai lunch.
Friends, family and children are most welcome, but please send an email to let us know, 24 hours before.
If anyone has any experiences or feedback to share from the retreat, Phra Mana and our volunteers would love to hear from you.
Also if anyone would like a copy of the Chanting Book to continue their practice, please let me know and I will email one to you.
warm regards and metta to all,

Dear Kim, Pra Mana and the wonderful volunteers,


Thank you so much for providing such an enriching and nourishing experience of engaging within our own self so we can better master life and our interactions with others.


I would love a copy of the book of chanting for the weekend.


The only other feedback I can give is that from Hut 9 in the ladies area I could not hear the gong. I apologise for sleeping through the first morning but I really thought I'd wake to the sound.  The second morning I awoke to my usual alarm after turning on my phone the previous evening. Unfortunately I didn't sleep well as I kept checking the phone worrying I would miss the morning teaching and mediation.  When I did hear the gong it was so soft it certainly would never have woken me. 

It may be since I mediate to singing bowls and sounds that the gong sound is heavenly for me and I missed it, but the sound was faint even during the day.


Other than that I found everything to be so peaceful and calm.  Today as I live and work in Sydney I feel the anxiety of life in comparison to the calmness of the bush.  But I endeavour to breathe in the bush whilst I am in the city and will head to bush again this weekend.



Thank you all so much for all you do 


In Loving Kindness



Dear Kim


Participating in the Vesak retreat was indeed  a joyful experience . I returned home with determination to continue with  my practice.


It certainly enriched my knowledge of dhamma .  For  the first time I learnt about the Anatta-Lakkhana Sutta and Aditta -Pariyaya Sutta .  Ven Phra Mana explained both the Sutta in simple terms with real life examples. Dependent origination is something I have trouble grasping at times , but Ven Phra Mana’s explanation made it easier to understand.  All the topics addressed during the retreat were very important and the highlight for me was today’s talk in the garden about body, consciousness, feelings, memories and thinking.  


Visual aids Ven Phra Mana used combined with verbal explanations and his very appropriate sense of humour made it so easy to understand such deep dhamma concepts .  


I have downloaded the chanting  book from the Monastery website and will be going through Suttas  again.


Retreat was also comfortable with nourishing tasty meals and with fires to keep us warm. 


During discussions I gathered that Ven Phra mana has been chopping firewood to keep us warm.  I don’t even know enough words to express my gratitude for such kindness.


In addition , Volunteers did a great job of providing tasty nutritious meals in a timely manner in a warm friendly environment.  That helped us concentrate on tasks we did. 


Kim, your organising , guidance and kindness made it possible for us to attend this retreat.  I gathered you must be doing a lot of work to make these retreats successful.  You also do it voluntarily.   I know my understanding of dhamma has deepened as a result of the two retreats I have attended . Much merit to you for all your hard work.  May you be well and peaceful.


I am very grateful to Ven Phra Mana , you and all the volunteers for making it a successful retreat for participants.  I will continue to practice at home and look forward to attending another retreat as time permits .


( I have made a donation 0f $100 to the account for the two books from the gift shop)


With Metta


Dilini Jayakody