3-5 May 2019 retreat

Spiritual Metamorphosis

Dear Everyone,

Venerables Phra Mana, LuongPoSawat, Phra Pravit and Phra Maha Visitsak, Peter and all volunteers would like to thank you for your kind co-operation this weekend.

We hope you have all gained a glimpse of Spiritual Metamorphosis and have newfound skills to support your life and Dhamma practice.

Please let me know if you have any queires about the teachings, or would like a copy of the chanting or the 16 steps of Anapanasati.

If you have forgotten to leave your donation, please deposit to our ANZ account on the website.

We also love to have your feedbackJ

With metta,



Afternoon Kim,

 A big thank you to Pran Mana, Monks,  yourself and the rest of the team for yet another wonderful weekend retreat. It is truly a blessing to be able to spend quality time at the Sunnataram Monastery. Thank you.




Hi there Kim,


Thanks so much for all of your hard work this weekend.


Please if you could let the monks know we really enjoyed the solar heated blankets.


Also, could I please request the chanting book file if it isn’t too much trouble.


Thanks again for everything!




Hi Kim,


Thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to join the retreat this weekend. I had a wonderful experience and can't say enough how grateful I am to you, the volunteers at the centre for all their efforts looking after us and making everything run so smoothly.

 If possible I would love to get a copy of the chanting especially the metta chant before and prior to meditation. I would also like to learn the 16 steps of Anapanasati.

 One thing I didn't get a chance to ask you before I left was that I noticed there was a mix of old and new chanting books. Would you like me to make some more copies of the new books to do the complete transition to all new books? Happy to do this for free. Just let me know if you would like this to happen and if you can send me a soft copy and let me know how many books you need.




Dear Kim,

I got so much out of the retreat and am very grateful to Phra Mana and the monks, Peter, the volunteers and you for allowing us to be with the  Dharma in such a unique way. I was reminded of just how powerful a teacher Phra Mana is and his ability to shape ancient teachings for modern application. 


Please can I have a copy of the  16 steps of Anapanasati.


With kindest regards and thanks,





Thank you so much to yourself , the volunteers and monks for their beautiful teachings, assistance and help in making such a delightful and heart centre retreat. I feel so blessed to have had this experience.

 Many blessings to all of you

 Love Audra


Hi Kim

 Thank you to you and the monks for such a wonderful weekend. I learnt so much and got so much from the experience.

 Thank you also for arranging my own room and for sending the photo through. I made my donation on Friday so hopefully it should be in your account tomorrow. If you could please email me through a copy of the chantings and the 16 steps of Anapanasati when you have a moment that would be fantastic.

Many thanks again 



 Thank you Kim. It was a beautiful retreat weekend! Many thanks x



Thank you very much Kim, to you and all the monks and volunteers for such a lovely, peaceful weekend so full of happiness and wisdom. Looking forward to joining you again at a future retreat.



Thanks to all involved for a magical retreat over the weekend!



Thank you so much – the pic is great !

 And thank you so much for such a beautiful weekend.

 I had no expectations before I arrived and I got so much out of the weekend with you.

You’ve really created such a beautiful space doing such wonderful things and something to be very proud of. It’s wonderful to see such generous and kind people doing such meaningful things.

 I will be back later this year for sure and look forward to seeing you all again.

 Much love



Dear Kim, 

 it was an amazing, positive experience.  So fortunate to have been able to attend it.

 The Teachers, the volunteers, yourself,  gave us so generously their time, energy and wisdom. 

The location, the nature, the food, everything was just so supportive and conducive to pause,  reflect and go deeper. 

 It has strengthened my confidence in the practice,  in the Dhamma, in myself and in the goodness in the world. I rediscovered the superpower inside, what a wonderful gift!

 Thank you from the bottom of my open heart! 


  Hi Kim and volunteers,


Thank you very much for your great support for our successful retreat.


Wonderful teaching. Beautiful photo .Great experience.


Best Regards,


 Please click here to see more photos in google drive