4-7 October 2019 Awakening in the garden retreat



Dear Everyone,

Thank you for joining our Awakening in the Garden long weekend retreat, and for your diligence and co-operation.

It was a very beautiful retreat thanks to many conditions and factors J

Attached please see the lovely group photo and more pictures will be on the website during the week.

Please let me know if you would like and more information or a copy of the chanting book.

Please enjoy your mindful breathing, empowering the mind, delighting the mind and liberating the mind.

There are plenty of wake up calls in every mindful breath, please don’t forget to pick it up and read the messages. Soon the positive part of survival instinct will be awakened, and the mind will blossom like the Spring garden.

With much Metta,



Please click here to see more photos in google drive


Hello Kim,


Once again thank you for all your efforts in organising the retreat it was an amazing experience as always.

I was wondering if you would know where I could find a similar exercise to that we do in the morning with peter, I have gone on youtube and cant quite find something similar to that. I really enjoy the exercise and would like to do it in the mornings if possible but couldn’t really find one and I don’t remember the motions exactly.


Sorry for the inconvince,

Best regards,






Hi Kim


Thank you for organising this and also sharing the photo :) We really enjoyed everything and feel very blessed. 


Thank you,



Hi Kim

Thanks so much for organising such a lovely retreat. Your garden seems to look spectacular in every season! But spring is something special.

Thanks to all the volunteers and the monks for their hard work preparing the accommodation, bathrooms, meditation hall and the monastery grounds.

Thanks to the kitchen team for the delicious food. And to Peter for the tai chi and organisation.

Special thanks to Phra Mana for his profound teachings presented so lovingly and patiently. 

This time the conditions were right for me to experience a glimpse of 'non-self' and to feel how this decreases suffering and increases lasting happiness. 

I feel so lucky to have found such a great teacher and learning environment.

Love Lucy


Dear Kim
Deepest gratitude Phra Mana ,Kim and all my Valunteer friend for allowing me to  participate in this retreat and for loving kindness that made this retreat such wonderful .

For my understanding , Nice to take the time for practice rather than listen and absorb.

Time to time I forget life is immortality ,I express feeling so many foolish actions and words without awareness of mindfulness. 

I will keep practice mindfulness  (Vipasana  mediation )because for my understanding the practice of mindfulness give a clearer understanding of this underlying in life is impermanence. 

Thank you so much 😊🌸

Sending  love to all beings.  May we all know ourselves deeply. May we all be happy and free.🙏🏻😊




Hi Kim,

I would like to thank you, the monks and all the volunteers for a wonderful experience.

Kind regards




Dear Kim,


Thank you so much for all your efforts in organising the retreat. I believe it was a turning point in my life. The teachings of the venerable monks are helping me and my husband practice mindfulness in our daily lives. 


Would you be able to send a copy of the chanting book? The book is simplistic and clear and I found it very helpful in understanding the pali teachings. 


Much metta,




Hi Kim, 


I'm grateful for knowledge and wisdom that I've been learning from Sunnataram Forest Monastery so it's a true joy to share further information about meditation retreat here to anyone who wants to deepen his or her learning🙏 In each weeks, I teach many classes and meet so many people, I'll love to share loving kindness vibration and hope for them to further learning from such wise teacher as Pra Mana🙏


In this retreat, Michael is one of regular members who attends one  of my yoga classes, this is his 2nd time. He said that this time, he felt he was able to absorb little further inwards. It was such wonderful experience and he hopes to bring his partner to join the retreat next time.

  With loving kindness



Thanks so much Kim,


Despite being a bit overwhelmed on Sunday, it was a lovely retreat and the garden looked so beautiful. You do an amazing job and it’d be great to see you teaching too one day and not just organising and serving!! I am much refreshed and have a renewed understanding of how I need to let go of what I can’t control and release my attachment to reputation and professional status especially. I mean to look for a less stressful job and a simpler way of being in the world.


Great to meet your son and daughter in law too. They seem very kind and strong. They are lucky to have you.


With metta





Thanks Kim. It was a great retreat. Very difficult coming home. Will have to come back soon! :)





Dear Phra Mana,


Thank you so much for the retreat - I found it challenging while holding me gently and helping me to stable my mind and allow further awakening. 


I would very much like a copy of the chanting book and any other information available to share.


With kindest regards,




Hi Kim

 Thank you again for helping to organise an amazing retreat!

 Kind regards




Thank you Kim. Sending you and the group all of my thanks and appreciation. Take care.

Kind Regards,



Dear Kim,


Many thanks to the sangha for yet another enjoyable, challenging and fulfilling retreat: Particular thanks to Phra Mana for his dhamma talks and to Luang Po Sawat and Phra Suntouch for their work behind the scenes to make us comfortable and welcome - thanks to each of the monks for their loving kindness and personal example -; thanks to Peter and Ma Tum and all the volunteers who give so freely of their time; to Aon and her team in the kitchen for all the delicious meals they prepared and cooked for us; to all my fellow attendees for their silent and respectful company. And special thanks to you Kim for organising and overseeing everything.


I found that Phra Mana's talks and discussions were, as ever, insightful and wise. The seeds he has planted struggle to grow in the poor soil of my mental garden but, bit by bit, they are finding purchase. Awakening in the Garden, indeed!


What a privilege it was to spend time in the meditation garden, in particular to be there on Saturday when the blossoming plants and trees looked absolutely radiant in the misty atmosphere.Talk about a spiritual experience! But then again, Sunnataram forest monastery has a very special ambiance, one which I have not experienced anywhere else.


Metta and thanks again to all,