5-7 April 2019 Retreat

Freedom of Karma

Dear Everyone,

 Here is the group photo, and there will be other photos on website soon.

 Thank you all so much for diligent meditation practice and mindful

working to help the monastery.

 We hope you all enjoyed the newly renovated meditation room, and that

accommodation and meals were manageable J

 We were all so fortunate to enjoy such wonderful autumn weather.

 Please email if you would like a copy of the chanting book, or if you

have any queries or comments.

 We enjoy your feedback, and look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

 With metta,


Thank you so much Kim for allowing me to participate in such a marvellously mindful and inspiring weekend!


Really appreciate all the work you and the other volunteers put into to creating such an amazing event!


Please extend me thanks to them and of course all the monks. 


Look forward to seeing you again at another retreat soon :)


Warm regards 


Thanks Kim, it was all lovely. Delicious food, interesting teaching and we appreciated having our own little cabin too. Would love to come again , Sarah

Hi Kim,


Thank you so much for everything this weekend! I must come more often. 


Would you please be able to email me the recipe for the Friday’s soup and Sunday’s lunch? Thank you in advance. 


Have a lovely week 😊


Dear Kim,


Thankyou to you and the monks for making this retreat experience life changing for myself and I’m sure for many others to come. It has taught me a lot about the dharma, what meditation is about and I have looked within to find what I need to do to improve myself so that I can be there for others, to practice more unconditional love and to spread love and kindness wherever I go, smile more even during meditation as Phra mana have mentioned many times. Silence was golden and even in silence I did not feel alone, the energy around was of support and love, peace and kindness.  I will continue to practice mindfulness daily and to be present in the moment.

I love the humbleness of Sunnataram Forest Monastery, I was so grateful to be there last weekend to share in the love and light of all who participated.

 Love the group photo and great memories to Cherish.

 Kind Regards,


Hi Kim


Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. I gain a huge amount from the experience. 


I am very grateful to have been a part of it and for all the lessons and guidance. The food was delicious and everyone was so friendly (even though we didn't speak, I felt very connected to the group).


I would love a copy of the chanting book if possible. 

 Thanks again. 



Thank you Kim. A most manageable weekend 😀


All the best for the rest of 2019.





Hi Kim

I want to say thankyou for the really insightful retreat -I thought Karma was a given but the idea of creating pure karma or no karma through getting out of the cycle is so refreshing. It does involve being so so mindful of everything we do and the consequences.

I can see it really is the way to a very sane and peaceful life 

Please thank Phra Mana for his teachings and wisdom. Thankyou  so much to yourself, the monks and the volunteers.

The renovated meditation area is beautiful 

Best wishes Helen

Hi Kim,


A big thank you to the monks, volunteers and yourself for the weekend.


What a wonderful experience. 


Would you mind sharing the chanting book, it would be great to learn the chants a bit more for next time : )


Kind Regards,


Thanks for the photo Kim, it was a great retreat, the time went so fast! 

I hope to come on another again soon. 

 Kind Regards,



Please click here for more photo in google drive