6-8 Dec 2019 Dhamma power retreat

Dear Everyone, Thank you for participating in this weekend’s Dhamma Power retreat.

Venerable Phra Mana, LuongPo Suntouch, Peter, all volunteers and I hope you have truly discovered the power of the Dhamma.

We hope you will continue your practice, empower yourselves and inspire your family and friends.

Please remember to visit us any Sunday for delicious lunch and Dhamma talk, or please book again soon for another retreat.

Thank you so much to those kind enough to donate extra, to help us purchase water and other needed supplies.

We are most appreciative of your kindness.

We also appreciate your feedback and suggestions, and will be happy to send the chanting if you do not have a copy J

With metta,


Please click here to see more photos in google drive

Deep gratitude for a transformational weekend. I’ll definitely return again soon.

 With thanks,





Thanks to all at SFM. Kim I was very saddened to see the state of the gardens. I’m going to google how to do a rain dance.

 Metta metta metta

 Fred Old 


Thank you for having me this weekend it was very enjoyable. Regards



Dear Kim,


Thank you for organising the retreat. It was a great experience as always.

 Also I love you dresses/outfit. Modest but still beautiful.




Thank you for another beautiful retreat - for creating and holding this space over so many years for us to come learn

 Hope you have a wonderful end of the year and thank you again

 Kind wishes,



Thank you Kim. It was a wonderful experience and I truly appreciate the care and hospitality you and all the volunteers provided. I found the Ven Phra Mana to be inspirational and a great teacher. The whole retreat has absolutely deepened my meditation practice and confirmed my commitment to the dhamma. 

 Best wishes and with metta



Hi Kim

 It was enlightening indeed, can you please send me a copy of the chanting?

 Thank you