7-10 June 2019 retreat

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for joining our Happiness Tips long weekend retreat.

Venerable Phra Mana, the monks, volunteers and I hope you have returned home re-energised, with many new tips to manage your daily life.

We also hope you have a new perspective on how to handle challenges and find positive energy to help make those around you happy too.

I have attached the group photo and more photos will appear on website soon.

Please let me know if you have any questions arising after the retreat, and if you would like a copy of the chanting book to continue your practice.

We welcome your comments and feedback, and are grateful for your group energy supporting the beautiful vibration of the monastery, and each other.

Wombats, wallabies, parrots and Chockdee awaiting your return

With metta (loving kindness),



Your work is inspiring and I wish you well, the monks, volunteers and the rest of the monastery.

Again, thank you.


Hi Kim, I hope this finds you well. As requested I’m sending the receipt of the donation for the flower pot. I also would like to thank you, all the volunteers and the monks for your kindness and wisdom sharing. Thanks to the retreat I regained inner peace and I feel motivated to face my daily challenges.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! 🙏


Dear Kim,

I just wanted to express my gratitude and thank you, the monks and the volunteers for a wonderful weekend.

I feel rejuvenated! I’ve created a little corner in my house and have been continuing with my practice.

I do wish to attend the retreats regularly.

Do you have any retreats during the week or weekend of 20-25 August? I was hoping to bring my daughter who is doing her HSC straight after her trials.

Warmest regards,


Hi Kim

thank you so much for all your support during the long weekend. It's a hard work to manage everyone's expectations and you have handled it so well.

Thank you for your kind words in this email too.

Can you kindly let me know if we can come and visit Monastery with my little one and a husband on any Sunday?

Also I would love to get a copy of the chanting book too.

Thanks again for such a great organised retreat. It was very challenging but I reckon everyone got something out of it.

Kind regards,

Thanks Kim. It was a perfect retreat and so well run. Already looking forwards to the next one 😊


Hi Kim thanks so much for everything. I had an amazing time and a lot sank in this time.

I would love a copy of the chanting book please. I forgot to ask while I was there.

Take care

Thank you

Dave 😊

Hello Kim,

 Thanks for your amazing organization and for running this place, along with others, a place that is quite unique and amazing. I feel very calm since I came back from the retreat.

Kind regards,


Hi Kim

 Thank you so much

 I’ve had a great weekend and I will definitely come back. 

I would like a copy of chanting book, please.


Thank you Kim.

That was truly a wonderful experience and really well-organised. Well done!

We've sent some photos for the family in NZ and now they want to come over and do it as well😀

Now...on a different matter- could we possibly have the recipe for the tomato soup we had for dinner? it was absolutely DELICIOUS. 

Hope that's alright!

Have a good week,


Hi Kim,

 You beat me to it, I was going to send a message to say a huge THANK YOU. You all do an amazing job in creating such a special place - so beautiful, so well run. I had a fabulous experience and am deeply appreciative.

 Warm regards


Hi Kim I loved the weekend and thankyou so much. I am hoping to book in for the October wekend and have been having chats with some friends bout it. I have been practising the medidation and tomy surprise have been able to do it. feeling great. Thankyou


Hi Kim

 Thank you so much for last weekend. At the beginning of the year I set out to find a teacher of meditation and philosophy. I went all the way to India to an ashram of the lineage I have always read and practiced and it wasn’t the right match for where I’m at in my cycle of life, my teacher was not there. 

 Through conversation with Raf I was lead to your monastery and last weekend I feel whole heartedly, I have found a lineage that will allow me to go deeper, to see clearly and that I have found my teacher Phra Mana. 

 I will be coming back and hope to be a devoted student. When I come next time if you need any help prior please let me know and I’m happy to help when people arrive :) What your doing is incredible and I have shared it in the studio I teach at in Sydney with many students inquiring about coming down. 

 Thanks again and I can’t wait to continue my journey with you, Phra Mana and the monks. 

 Big love and happiness 


Thank you Kim. I absolutely loved it all and will definitely be back! It saves me having to plan to go to Thailand intermittently! I love having something in the next state instead of 10 hours flight away!

all your efforts are much appreciated

 Kind regards



Dear Kim,

Thank you for receiving the guests on this welcoming and gorgeous retreat.  And many thanks for the generous, supportive and endearing guidance of Phra Mana and all the monks.  I very much felt a “coming home” and will be back regularly to deepen my practice.





Please click here for more photos in google drive