8-10 Feb 19 The Power of Love Retreat

8-10 Feb 2019: The Power of Love Retreat

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for your diligent practice during the Power of Love retreat.

We hope that you have all found new ideas and inspiration to further your meditation and life skills.

Please find attached group photo, and please email If you are interested on any of the chanting,

or if you have any queries about the teachings or the monastery.

We also love to hear your feedback about the retreat.

Many thanks and metta,


Dear Kim,

thank you for sharing. It was very inspirational and I got a lot of motivation and drive to implement some of the techniques in my everyday life. I will definitely visit at some point, probably with my better half, and would really like to attend another retreat in a few months of time.

I saw that a lot of material is posted in your webpage, the chanting book, introduction to Buddhism etc. which is great. I was wondering if any sound files with meditation instructions by Phra Mana exist and could be shared? I really appreciated his non-intrusive way of giving mediation guidance.

Have a nice trip,


Hi Kim

 Thank you so much for the lovely photo.

 I want to let you know that we have thoroughly enjoyed and delighted by the program. The program has helped enormously to clear some doubts I had from the readings I did over the last few months.

 We are hoping to visit one weekend to the monastery and bring food . I

Thank you for youtr help.

 Sugeesh , Mahima and Mahen


Hi  Kim

 Thanks to you and the monks for hosting us at meditation retreat at the weekend. I enjoyed it and took away many learnings.

 Thanks again,



Dear Kim,

 Thank you for the group photo.. It was wonderful to join the silent retreat and the teachings have deepened my understanding of loving kindness with the power of love. It has been an insightful few days. Many thanks.

 Best Regards,