Boxing Day & New Year Retreat Dec 2019

Sorry to end the retreat earlier due to the bush fire threat.

Thur 26th   - Sat 28 Dec 2019

Dear Erica, Junko, Gary, Melanie, Nathalie, Lucy, Peter, Peter, Fabrice, Sid, Tri and Jovan,

Venerable Phra Mana, Luongpo Sawat, Luongpo Suntouch, Lama Ken, Peter, Aon and all volunteers were so happy to have you come to the retreat, to crack the hard nut of Buddhism, Anicca Dukkha, Anatta.

We believe you can already see progress, despite having to end the retreat early.

Thank you for everyone’s understanding and co-operation in difficult conditions.

Thanks for all you great effort and participation. We would love to see you all very soon J

With metta,


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Hi Phra Mana,

 Hope you guys moved out fine. Thank you for teaching and guiding us in this difficult time. 

 Erica,  Nathalie and I couldn't express enough gratitude to you,  the rest of the sangha and volunteers for always looking out for us.  

 Please let us know if I can help in any way.

 With metta, 


The power of meditation

I have been practicing to play an accordion for one year now. It is one of  the most difficult music instrument to play. When I got home, I played my accordion and I found I played very well. I have never played  like that. My mind so clear and sharp. I have no problem to play. Then three day later I played again. It was not good. I started to stumble to play, because my mind started to contaminated with daily matter. I am keep sitting , however , it is not the same when I was sitting at the monastery.

My realization is the meditation at the monastery is very important and so powerful.  

My insight from Pra Mana's talk about enlightenment.

It is delighted to know the enlightenment is not the place in the sky. Right here around us.

Helping people without any return is the act of enlightenment. At the end the aprt hate in South Africa , black people said to the white that we forgive you but we never forget.  I think it is a kind of enlightenment. Even a enlightenment contains full of pain.


Thank you for Pra Mana and Kim.

It was always a good retreat.


Many Metta.


Thank you so much for giving us a five day retreat concentrated into just a couple of wonderful days! Lots of great instructions to bring home to my regular practice. I hope to come back at either Easter or Vesak.

Stay safe,

Love Lucy

Dearest Kim, Venerable Phra Mana, Luongpo Sawat, Luongpo Suntouch, Lama Ken, Peter and Aon 


Thanks so very very much for your great generosity and compassion to help us all grow in the Dharma and for your example.

Even though the retreat was short - it was power packed :) and Venerable Phra Mana’s teachings penetrated deeply, I really feel I gained a huge amount of insight into the more subtle and pervasive qualities and understanding of Anicca Dukkha, Anatta.  And the fire risk only served to make that insight even more powerful - I was very moved by Venerable Phra Mana’s words about how the monastery was not located in the material teaching tools and grounds and buildings but was carried in our hearts and our awareness and practice  - the greatest of treasures. Thank you all so very very much 

Cant thank you all enough for the special wonderful support and example you all so kindly and generously share with us

 With Metta