1-11 Mar 2020

In the past 10 days, we saw Salvation Army, Bowral donated many beds and mattresses, Nan Tien Temple, Wollongong gave us some used bed linens and blankets.

Michael, a follower of Manyu Sufu, donated building materials for 5 lady huts ( worth $50,000 +). We decided to pull down the burnt lady dormitory, so we can started to clean the combusted materials, and marked a layout for new lady huts.

Gary and her accountant teams from Canberra spent the last weekend helping monks for cleaning up and digging holes for lady hut footings.

We are renovating the bell tower to be a new accommodation for visitting senior monks.

Our resident monks keep on working on cleaning up operation until the monastery is clear, which may take a few more months. If there are more volunteers, the work can be finihsed quicker, then we can start building operation.

Thank you very much for all kind helpers and donation to rebuild the monastery. Sadhu. May the blesssings of the Buddha be with all of us.


Regeneration Mar 2020