Easter retreat 19-22 April 2019

Powerful Breath & Peaceful Mind


Hi Kim,

I would just like to say what a delightful  experience this has been. We were all very spoiled as students from the very humble monks to all volunteers; I felt very valued and was happy to see so many passionate individuals. The place, albeit rusty in some places, has been very well kept and is very beautiful. The food was fantastic! I can't believe the variety and the quality that we were lucky enough to receive! I will use this experience as an important stepping stone in my spiritual journey. 

I will definitely be recommending the retreat. Especially as medical student, mindfulness and deep breathing will definitely be an ally in my studies. I am a student at the university of Wollongong- there is a campus at Shoalhaven (Nowra). If you have any flyers or promotional pamphlets, I am happy to see if I can leave some at the university to inspire other students.

I hope to see you all again for further enlightenment!




Hi Kim, 

thank you so much for such a wonderful retreat. 

If I would have any expectations, I would say that it was high above it. 

You all are doing an amazing job. 

 Thank you! 




Dear Kim,

I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone at Sunnataram Monestry. I had a truly wonderful experience over the long weekend.

Thank you to the Monks, the volunteers and yourself for all your hard work and dedication.

I have learnt a great amount and enjoyed the time of deep reflection. I look forward to returning in the future.

The Tai Chi was so relaxing and energizing. I would love to continue practicing that sequence at home. Do you know if it is a particular style/sequence of moves or do you have a video of the sequence I could access?

Sending a great amount of gratitude to you all.



Hello dear people,

 I would like to let you know that I’ve made my donation regarding the retreat already.

I would like to have donated more, it was life changing. I will be back there soon and have a project that might help me donate more to the monastery in the near future.

 Much love 🙏🏼



Hello, Kim!

 I would like to thank all from the Monastery for these beautiful days I spent with you learning and relaxing (and eating delicious food). This place is amazing and so are you that work there and look after the place.

The Monk is such a wise & lovely person with the most sincere and contagious smile I’ve ever seen. 

 Stay well! 

 Best regards,



Dear Kim

Many thanks to Pra Manha, the monks, the volunteers and yourself for a wonderful retreat.

I'm so grateful to have found such a perfect place and people to help me deepen my understanding of the dharma.

I gained a much better feeling for what impermanence and voidness are and how they relate to suffering and lasting happiness.

Special thanks for the lovely red velvet armchair! It was the wonderful to sit there watching the light changing in the bush as the end of the day.

Love Lucy

Thanks Kim, and thanks to Phra Mana, the monks and the volunteers who worked so very hard to make the retreat such an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for all who were lucky enough to attend.

 As always, Phra Mana's wisdom and knowledge shine through in his dhamma talks - bit by bit his explanations are sinking in and my "Aha! moments" are happening more frequently.

 Best wishes and Metta to all,


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