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GANDHARAN ART Vol. 1 : The Buddha's life Story, Vol. 2 : The World of the Buddha, Kurita Isao.

This is the long-awaited  Bible of Gandharan Art, now revised and enlarged. With 175 new all-color photographs from recent excavations, these volumes introduce a total of 1,700 selected Gandharan sculptures from Peshawar, Taxila, Swat (Pakistan), and Hadda (Afghanistan) over 700 in Volume 1 and 1,000 in Volume II. Since the publication of the now out-of-print first edition, there have been a number of new excavations and discoveries of valuable materials. Yet in Afghanistan, many cultural properties have also been destroyed and the Kabul Museum ransacked for its collections. The academic, historic, and aesthetic value of Gandharan art have never been so important. More than 70 new pieces have been added to Volume I and 100 pieces to Volume II, all in color photographs. The text uses Sanskrit terms throughout, thus increasing its academic usefulness. These volumes include all masterpieces from Gandharan Art in Pakistan by Harold Ingholt and many new pieces from the Jataka stories. Also includes descriptive text in English along with the Japanese.



We would like to rejoice with the kind donation of $2000 from Ong Wei Jin for these special research books.



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